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Trump claims there will be enough doses of COVID-19 vaccine for every American by April 2021; Biden: This campaign is Scranton vs. Park Avenue; Mary Trump reacts to Woodward & Troye revelations;
September 18, 2020

At crowded rally, Trump mocks social distancing, says staying at home is like being in prison; Sources: Controversial CDC testing guidance not written by scientists, came from HHS without normal scientific review; WaPo: White House nixed plan to distribut

Former official on coronavrius task force: Trump could have saved lives, but he was too concerned about re-election; Acting homeland secy. Chad Wolf defies subpoena, skips house hearing; Biontech, Pfizer to “adapt” vaccine trial to hit October deadli
September 17, 2020

Ex-WH official: Trump said “maybe this COVID thing is a good thing” because I don’t like shaking hands with “disgusting” people; Former top Pence staffer calls Trump presidency “terrifying”, says she will be voting for Biden ; WH Sr. official denies Trump

Biden gives speech on his plan for Covid-19 vaccines; Trump promotes herd immunity, an idea that experts estimate could lead to millions of deaths in the U.S.; Internal AstraZeneca document obtained by CNN shows adverse effects of vaccine on trial pa
September 16, 2020

Biden: we can’t allow politics to interfere with a vaccine; Biden: if I have authority, I’ll sign executive order for mask mandate; President Trump again claims virus will “go away”; Pelosi defends negotiations as some Dems raise concerns; New study: mino

Trump celebrates foreign policy win with packed WH crowd; Biden courts Latinos in crucial swing state of Florida; Powerful hurricane Sally begins to inundate Gulf Coast, historic flooding anticipated; Wildfires in California destroy more than 4,200 s
September 15, 2020

Trump continues optimistic tone as U.S. nears 200k virus deaths; Most people at WH event not tested for coronavirus; Trump retweets baseless smear against Joe Biden; Hundreds of guests at packed WH event, masks optional; Politico: Some Dems break with Bid

Trump ignores science of pandemic, climate change & wildfires; Pfizer CEO: likely will know if vaccine works by end of Oct.; Manhunt underway after two Los Angeles deputies ambushed; Biden plans Florida visit tomorrow as polls show him behind Trump i
September 14, 2020

Trump claims “I on’t think science knows” planet is warming; Trump defies coronavirus science & states restrictions, holds packed indoor rally with few masks and no social distancing; Trump in August insisted two Woodward “nothing more could have been don

Trump claims coronavirus is coming to an end, Fauci disagrees; 100 fires burning nationwide; Most in California, Washington and Oregon; Trump pays tribute to 9/11 at site of United flight 93 crash; Some voters in key swing state don’t like Trump or B
September 11, 2020

Fauci: We need to “hunker down” to get through fall & winter; Fauci: We may not get back to our normal lives until end of 2021; Operation Warp Speed Chief: race for coronavirus vaccine has “nothing to do with politics”; CDC Study: Adults who test positive

Jake’s one-on-one with Joe Biden; Trump blames Woodward when asked why he lied to American people; Biden says Trump “waved a white flag” and “walked away” from COVID-19, calls his handling “almost criminal”; 28-year-old teacher dies 3 days after COVI
September 10, 2020

Trump defends telling public COVID-19 was like flu, after telling Woodward it was much deadlier; Trump tries to defect blame onto Woodward after downplaying virus; Joe Biden on Trump concealing coronavirus threat: “It’s disgusting”; Biden says Trump has n

Trump acknowledged dangers of coronavirus to Woodward even as he continued to downplay the risks publicly; Woodward book: Trump knew in early February coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and “deadly”; U.S. surpasses 190,000 coronav
September 09, 2020

Trump on downplaying Covid-19 risks: we don’t want a panic.. we don’t want people to be frightened; Trump now claims he didn’t want to create a panic after Woodward tapes reveal he intentionally downplayed Covid-19; Biden: Trump committed “life and death

Nine companies sign pledge not to rush vaccine; CNN: Trump distressed over report he disparaged military; Senate to vote Thursday on $500 billion COVID relief plan; Iowa case rate per capita among worst in U.S.; India surpasses Brazil, now 2nd behind
September 08, 2020

Fauci acknowledges skepticism around vaccine: “We’ve got to regain the trust of the community”; 16 of the largest U.S. school districts start today, 14 online; Biontech CEO: Could submit vaccine to FDA by mid-Oct.; More than 37,000 cases reported at U.S.

Biden, Harris, Pence make Labor Day visits to battleground states; Labor Day crowds drive fears of new virus spikes; CA breaks record for acres burned statewide in a year; U.S. performed 740,000+ COVID tests in the last week;
September 07, 2020

Trump accuses Biden, Harris of undermining science as he teases a vaccine by election day; Harris says she would not trust Trump on a vaccine, Trump says Harris should apologize for “anti-vaccine rhetoric”; Trump: will have vaccine “very soon, maybe even