The Chronic Pain Experience Podcast

The Chronic Pain Experience Podcast

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Opioid Induced Constipation – The Stigma And The Solutions
February 04, 2024

Opioid induced constipation coupled with chronic pain can make life both unbearable and unpredictable. Join me as I sit down with Nicole Hemmenway from the Us Pain Foundation and Megan Filloramo to ta

Grow Your Confidence Despite Pain
November 11, 2023

Ecology concept. Rising sprout on dry ground.In todays episode we are talking about restoring confidence for a life well lived despite the relentless grip of chronic pain. This pain extends beyond th

Reframing The Pain Narrative
October 11, 2023

Pain is a universal human experience, whether it's physical, emotional, or social. It can be all-encompassing, overwhelming, and at times, seem insurmountable often leading to a narrative of suffering

Dignity In Chronic Pain Care – Valuable Lessons From Palliative
September 25, 2023

In this episode I sit down with the esteemed Dr. Harvey Chochinov to discuss dignity and person centered care for both end of life and for the lived experience with pain. Join us as we explore the hum

Pain And Grief – Warrior Wisdom
September 05, 2023

Join Anne Schober and myself as we discuss her latest book she co-authored called 'Invincible Finding the Light Beyond the Darkness of Chronic Illness.' We explore Anne's experience with pain and li

Pain And Executive Functioning – How To Get Things Done
July 13, 2023

A decline in our executive functioning (aka getting stuff done) is a direct result of where and how our pain is processed. In this episode Carrie Bonnett and I explore some of the tips and tools to he

A Pain Warriors Perspective on Trauma & Pain
July 06, 2023

During our annual Willow Tree Summit, our chronic pain warriors sit down with me in 'Conversations from the couch' to talk about the information shared inside the summit. Our Summits aim to hear from

At The Crossroads Of Grief And Pain
July 05, 2023

Life with chronic pain often leaves you with a deep sense of grief though the loss of limb or the loss of the life you once had, having to relearn as you navigate the world around you while adapting t

You Are A Symphony
June 07, 2023

When you get a chronic diagnosis, the positive messaging (and the hope) goes out the window and leaves the warrior feeling unsure of what's to come. In this episode, I offer a different perspective

Improving Pain And Inflammation With An Elimination Diet
May 26, 2023

In this episode I am joined by board certified Wellness Coach Jessica Hill Powell to discuss elimination diets. In this conversation we unpack how an elimination diet helps to reduce inflammation whic