That's What She Pled

That's What She Pled

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The Top 23 Ways To Protect Yourself In 2023 (Ep.14)
January 24, 2023

Lets make 2023 a positive year to remember! In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen list 23 suggestions on how you can protect yourself when it comes to accidents, insurance companies,

Be Your Own Brand with Mary Schrank (Ep.13)
January 10, 2023

Happy New Year! This year we want to continue to bring you episodes that not only educate and inform, but also make you laugh, inspire you, and maybe even help you look within yourself to make a chang

Family Law with Lora Howell (Ep. 12)
December 27, 2022

Meeting the right people at the right time is such an amazing feeling, especially when it comes to finding the perfect colleagues! In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite the newe

Lyrics and Laws: Breaking Down 8 Popular Holiday Songs (Ep. 11)
December 13, 2022

Happy holidays! Theres nothing like celebrating the festive season with some favorite holiday songs! But, did you know that some of them have hidden meanings? In this episode, Christina Goldberg and

Navigating The Feelings of Grief and Isolation with Melissa Wandall (Ep. 10)
November 22, 2022

Losing a loved one is never going to be easy. The only thing you can do is learn to build yourself back up and find strength. What can you do to better manage these isolating emotions? In this episode

Estate Planning: From The Ultra-Wealthy To The Working Class With Neil Lyons (Ep.9)
November 08, 2022

Law Powered By Women does not mean that men are not allowed to be part of what we do here at Luhrsen Goldberg! Because in this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite Neil Lyons, fellow a

From Military to Mentorship with Maria Chapa Lopez (Ep. 8)
October 25, 2022

Everyone has a story about the path that led them to where they are, and in this episode, we hear from Julies former JAG Corps friend and colleague, Maria Chapa Lopez. Join the ladies as they remini

Lessons Learned with Julie and Christina (Ep. 7)
October 11, 2022

Life is full of lessons, and a lot of them are learned through trial and error. In this episode, Christina and Julie uncover what they have learned as lawyers, and as female business owners. During t

Becoming A CEO With Allison Imre Perkowski (Ep. 6)
September 27, 2022

Starting a new business is hard, but what if you became the owner of a business that has been around for 15 years? In this episode, Christina Goldberg and Julie Luhrsen invite President, CEO, and Own

Dr. Heather Crawford Has Your Back (Ep. 5)
September 13, 2022

Thats What She Pled wants to put a spotlight on smart, successful women who are making an impact in their industry, and in this episode, Christina and Julie do just that! Meet Dr. Heather Crawford, a