That Newport Show: A podcast about Newport, Rhode Island

That Newport Show: A podcast about Newport, Rhode Island

Latest Episodes

EP 114: Stone Carving with Nick Benson
April 04, 2019

From Colonial Newport to Modern Monuments

EP 113: Across the Pond with Postcard Academy
March 21, 2019

How Travel in Europe Compares to Visiting Newport

EP 112: Irish Heritage with Mike Slein
March 05, 2019

How the Irish Built Newport

EP 111: Trent Theroux Swims Around Aquidneck Island
February 21, 2019

One day you’re kayaking in Naragansett Bay, and the next, you’re in a hospital, paralyzed and unable to feel your legs. This is the story of today’s guest, Trent Theroux. It’s a fascinating and inspiring story that Trent describes as his awkward journe...

EP 110: Parlor, NIMRI, and Podcasting
February 07, 2019

Newport is a small community with a large reach. People and businesses settle here because of the city’s charm, coastal location, and sophistication – without the congestion of big city life. This means we have a lot of top-notch local talent.

EP 109: No Gas Newport
January 26, 2019

We yankees may have a reputation for being standoffish and hard to reach, but once you break the ice, we’re friends for life. This has become painfully clear this past week in Newport, where friends and neighbors in the city by the sea are struggling w...

EP 108: A New Year in Newport
January 10, 2019

Happy New Year Listeners! We have so much to look forward to in 2019, and so much to catch up on… from the drama in “G Lot”, to horses back at home. Plus, a new shopping resource that is convenient for Newport County residents in Tiverton,

EP 107: Christmas Tree Shopping at the Coast
December 06, 2018

If you are looking for a great place to buy your Christmas tree, come to Tiverton and Little Compton. These small, seaside towns are ideal for a winter weekend getaway or a day trip for tree shopping. And when you’ve found the perfect tree,

EP 106: Restaurant Week Dine & Dish
November 14, 2018

Buck and Helena went to the White Horse Tavern for Newport Restaurant Week. It was their first time at this historic tavern and they do a little dine and dish in this episode about their experience. Restaurant week is challenging for chefs and staff,

Episode 105: Jeremy Allen on Little Compton Town Politics
November 02, 2018

In this BONUS episode, Helena chats with Little Compton Town Council candidate, Jeremy Allen, about why he is running for a spot on the Town Council. Who is he? Why is he running, and how does he fit in with the Little Compton Democratic Town Committee...