Tend HER Wild Podcast

Tend HER Wild Podcast


September 02, 2022

In this week’s episode we explore the complicated topic of grief and how we can help ourselves and our loved ones to feel it and move through it in a healthy way.

-We look at the differences between sadness, depression and grief and how we process each in different ways.

-We talk about the concept of disenfranchised grief.

-We discuss recent losses;  Betsy, an important long term relationship that is changing and Kate discusses recent death of close ones and how the transition of her children to adulthood has compounded the grieving process.

– We explore ways to work with grief, including moving it through the body with tears and movement, honest communication, and sound.

– We work through ways to help loved ones’ losses and how to help support them through their entire grief process.

Book: Grief is Love by Marisa Renee Lee