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Telecom Reseller

Major hotel property takes service to next level with E-Metrotel Galaxy Expand, Podcast

September 19, 2023

A superfast migration, people and technology played a major role, robust hospitality solution found in Galaxy Expand

“We are a hotel so the phone must be buzzing all the time,” says Yash Gowda, General Manager of Marriott Courtyard. Yash manages a prominent, upscale hotel in Brampton, a center for business and industry in the Greater Toronto Area. When Yash’s aging Mitel phone system stopped ‘buzzing’, he began a replacement search that led him to ACE Security Services, a certified reseller of E-MetroTel phone solutions. ACE Security Services recommended Galaxy Expand, a modern approach offering everything in one box (PBX, Voice Mail, etc. on one rack), enabled the customer to keep their Bell Canada lines, no rewiring needed and light on the ground, a solution that saved space through consolidation. “It’s amazing,” comments Yash on the functionality of the new system.

Most hotels have analog phones in the guest rooms because they are low cost, easily replaced and interchangeable.

In this special podcast of a use case and of a regular hospitality customer, we get the perspective of a busy property manager who must manage all aspects of the guest experience, meeting high brand expectations every day. We learn how this replacement project exceeded initial expectations of a simple lateral replacement, met, and exceeded customer specifications and that installation was easy, fast and without any disruption to property operations or customer needs. The new phones arrived preprogrammed. “Me not being a technical guy, it was easy.”