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Technically 200 Talks: Jenae Butler & Britney Thompson
March 05, 2021

Technically 200 Talks: Women in Tech Jenae Butler & Britney Thompson When met with questions about how to engage amidst last year’s surge in racial unrest, Jenae Butler (Google) founded Standing United Project  in respons...

S2: E5 Janice Omadeke
March 03, 2021

Vulnerability is just one of Janice Omadeke’s (CEO & Founder of The Mentor Method) many super powers. In this week’s episode of Technically 200 you’ll learn about Janice’s negotiation strategies and how she started her company The Mentor Method.

S2: E4 Marla Britt Fields
February 25, 2021

From working for large corporations and small tech startups, Marla Britt Fields (MIT Alumna and Senior Technical Program Manager, Applied Materials) has a wide range of experiences in tech.

S2:E3 Keelee Moseley
February 17, 2021

After giving birth to her first child at 19 years old, Keelee Moseley didn’t let anything stand in her way from graduating college and pursuing her career in tech. Keelee shares her advocacy for black maternal health as well as her journey being a so...

Technically 200 Talks: Shanel Fields & Kishau Rogers
February 12, 2021

This week on Technically 200 Talks. We have an EXCITING roundtable conversation with two VC backed women entrepreneurs.

S2:E2 Lisa Alexander
February 10, 2021

“Don’t be intimidated if you’re the only one that looks like you in the room.” Lisa Alexander, VP of Business Development at Farragut Consulting, shares in this week’s Technically 200 Episode how she ended up working in Private Equity.

Technically 200 Talks: Caty Caldwell & Jessica Odeyemi
February 05, 2021

Technically 200 Talks: Women in Tech Caty Caldwell & Jessica Odeyemi Being exposed to STEM from an early age through Rube Goldberg experiments and attending Princeton University, are just a few things Caty Caldwell (Program Manager,

S2:E1 Jessica Odeyemi
February 03, 2021

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Jessica Odeyemi, Senior Technical Product Manager at IBM, kicks this month’s Technically 200 Series.

Episode 5 – Nevette Bailey
August 20, 2020

Season 1 Finale. Matt talks (for a while) with Nevette Bailey, a classically trained ballerina . . . single Mom . . . with a PhD in Chemistry . . . who is now a software engineer at Etsy! She shares how an unconventional path is much more of a boon tha...

Episode 4 – Gloria Trevino
August 12, 2020

Gloria Trevino has questioned herself throughout her life . . . a lot.