Teach Me Communism

Teach Me Communism

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Episode 112: Communist Movie Club - Chicken Run
July 28, 2022

We talk about the revolutionary potential of… a stop motion animated children’s movie from 2000? Yes, that’s right, it’s Chicken Run! Come to Coop 17 to get the scoop on getting organized, being ready

Episode 111: Listener Q&A 9
July 21, 2022

Mail call! We get into many questions and many answers, including doctors, city planning, maximalism, pre-industrial cultures, distribution, and more!   Check us out on social media: Merch: https://ww

Episode 110: Who Was Joseph Stalin? Pt. 3
July 14, 2022

It’s the thrilling conclusion of our first ever three-part episode, Stalin’s biography! Christine starts us off with another dramatic recap. Then we dive right into WWII. We zoom through a lot of hist

Episode 109: Who Was Joseph Stalin? Part 2
July 07, 2022

We’re back for part 2 of our Stalin episode! This goes over some economic plans, rapid collectivization and industrialization, and uh, some really not great stuff like purges. This episode ran a littl

Episode 108: Shootin’ the Shit, Vol. 2
June 30, 2022

This week has been… a lot, to say the least, so we needed a space to vent. We fantasize about a pro-choice utopia, lay down rules for good communists, and for some reason go on a tangent dunking on Br

Episode 107: Who Was Joseph Stalin? Pt. 1
June 23, 2022

We finally get to THAT GUY! Part one includes his early life all the way up to his rise to power in 1930. Topics include his folksy charm, Red Clippy, and ideas for a (totally) fictional revolution. A

Episode 106: How Should Democracy Work?
June 16, 2022

In this episode we discuss democracy! What even is it? We talk about various leftist approaches to real democracy, the potential pitfalls of democracy and how to address them, and, of course, we put o

Episode 105: What is Fascism?
June 09, 2022

Join us and our big glasses of wine as we chat about a really not good thing: fascism! Whose idea was this anyway? Plus, dog art, bad French pronunciations and WWI time travel theories!   Check us out

Episode 104: Anarchy, by Errico Malatesta
May 26, 2022

It’s absolute anarchy over here! CHAOS! DISORDER! Or is it? Maybe it’s just a cool way to run things. We talk about Errico Malatesta’s pamphlet, which includes cool stuff like wolves and wine.   Check

Episode 103: Shootin’ the Shit, Vol. 1
May 19, 2022

Christine decides to take us off the rails a bit and we just chat. Topics include Mass Effect and transhumanism, leftist scolds, other leftist podcasts we like, the documentary Our Father, and some re