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Teach Me Communism

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Episode 129: Shootin’ the Shit, Vol. 5
December 08, 2022

Due to some upcoming travel, we’ve decided to do another shootin’ the shit! Christine takes the lead with this one, with a robust list of topics including religion, medicine, current strike actions, A

Episode 128: Who Was Kwame Nkrumah?
December 01, 2022

Today were learning about Kwame Nkrumah, a guy who managed to win an election from jail, lead Ghana to independence, and pursue a damned dam. He also founded a party with a sick rooster logo.Check

Announcement: 11-21-22
November 24, 2022

Sorry ya'll, no new episode this week. We'll be back!Check us out on social media:Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/teach-me-communism?ref_id=10068Instagram: @teachmecommunismTwitter: @teach

Episode 127: Shootin’ the Shit, Vol.4
November 17, 2022

We start off with a tarot reading for the community! Then we move on to current events like, uhh, whats even happening in Ukraine? What about Iran? Other topics: talking to your family about leftism,

Episode 126: Social Reform or Revolution?
November 10, 2022

Christine straight up didnt do the reading this week because it made their brain hurt, but never fear! Grady is here to give us the TLDR of Rosa Luxemburgs Social Reform or Revolution, or as Christi

Episode 125: What is the Ciompi Revolt?
November 03, 2022

Christine regales us with a tale of plague, wool, and popular revolt that just shows there will always be people to fight oppression! Come for the history, stay for the poorly pronounced Italian. We a

Episode 124: Listener Q&A 10
October 27, 2022

Back to the mailbag to discuss Ireland, investment firms, veganism, tech unions, navigating conversations about diasporas, media consumption, and praxis.Check us out on social media:Merch: https:/

Episode 123: Agroecology in Cuba
October 20, 2022

Getting a little agro this week agricultural, that is. Join us as we learn about Cubas history of ecology in agriculture and their organoponicos, or urban gardens.Check us out on social media:M

Episode 122: The Coup
October 13, 2022

Its another music episode! We take a listen to some of The Coups music and talk about the life of one Boots Riley. Find our Spotify playlist here.Check us out on social media:Merch: https://www.

Episode 121: Intro to Ecocommunism
October 06, 2022

This week, we tackle a few readings to help us further understand ecosocialism. We talk oil executive plots, devil trains, and return to our good friend the inflation calculator. Oh and we go down a r