Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

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Episode 105: John Lennon’s Lost Songs
January 10, 2023

In our first episode of 2023, we'll share some of our favorite demos and "rough drafts" John Lennon recorded but never completed before his untimely death. These songs may have been released posthumou

Episode 104: Talk More Talk’s Holiday Special!
December 13, 2022

Our final show of 2022 celebrates the holidays by sharing our picks for our five favorite things (events, books, albums, etc.) of the year. Plus we revisit the Ringo Starr classic "I Wanna Be Santa Cl

Episode 103: Another Listen: Ringo Starr’s “Old Wave”
December 01, 2022

To celebrate Ringo Starr's recent Record Store Day release, we're taking "Another Listen" to his 1983 album. How has it aged over almost 40 years?

Episode 102: Exploring the Revolver Box Set with Jason Kruppa
November 09, 2022

The wait is over: Revolver has received the deluxe treatment with a stereo remix, outtakes, and a hardback book, among other extras. Jason Kruppa (host of the "Producing the Beatles" podcast and co-au

Episode 101: Beatles Fully Uncovered with Kristofer Englehardt
October 25, 2022

First published in 1998, "Beatles Undercover" chronicled the individuals' contributions to other people's music. A revised edition, "Beatles Deeper Undercover," followed in 2010. Now, "Beatles Fully U

Episode100 Celebration: Wrack Our Brains with Viewers!
October 04, 2022

Thank you to all our viewers who joined us in our Zoom room for an exciting round of "Wrack Our Brains"! We also want to thank you all for supporting us during these past four years, and look forward

Episode 99: Listening to Ringo Starr’s ”EP3”
September 20, 2022

Our live shows return with our review of Ringo Starr's latest EP, "EP3." What do you think of his latest release? We also have a special announcement about our 100th episode, so don't miss it!talkmor

Episode 98: Wrack Our Brains Live at the Chicago Fest For Beatles Fans
September 06, 2022

Recorded at the August 2022 Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, TMT's Kit O'Toole moderated an all-star panel for a live "Wrack Our Brains." Authors Chuck Gunderson, Piers Hemmingsen, Al Sussman, and Ke

Episode 97: George Harrison in the 1970s with Eoghan Lang
August 23, 2022

In this episode we welcome Eoghan Lyng, author of "George Harrison in the 1970s," a book examining a significant decade in Harrison's life. We'll discuss the professional and personal changes Harrison

Episode 96: George Harrison Live in Japan Revisited
August 09, 2022

It's been 30 years since the release of "Live in Japan," George Harrison's final album issued in his lifetime. In this episode we revisit his last tour, how Eric Clapton persuaded him back onto the st