Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

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Episode 84: How Did Ringo’s Career Lose Steam in the Late 1970s?
February 22, 2022

By the end of the 1970s, Ringo Starr's was a far cry from the success of 1973's "Ringo." After scoring a number of hit singles after that, his winning streak seemed to run out, with albums such as "Ri

Episode 83: Love Songs from the Solo Years
February 08, 2022

In celebration of (upcoming) Valentine's Day, we share our picks for the best love songs from the solo era. What are your favorites? @talkmoretalk1 https:

Episode 82: Solo Beatles Videos of the 1970s
January 25, 2022

While the Beatles helped pioneer the modern music video, they continued creating fun and interesting clips for their 70s singles. For this episode, we explore some of our favorite videos.   talkmoreta

Episode 80: 50 Years of Wild Life
January 11, 2022

We're back with our first episode of 2022, marking the 50th anniversary of Wings' debut album "Wild Life." We examine how the album has held up over five decades, how the album kicked off the Wings ph

Episode 80: Our Favorite Things 2021!
December 14, 2021

Our final show of 2021 reviews our favorite Beatles and solo-related items of the year, and we discuss what we hope to see in 2022. We also play tribute to Michael Nesmith, a friend of the Beatles and

Episode 79: Celebrating George Harrison‘s Legacy
December 07, 2021

November 29, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of George Harrison's passing. Special guest Steve Matteo (author of The Beatles' Let It Be [33 1/3 series]) joins us as we celebrate Harrison's legacy and

TMT Extra: ”Get Back” Part Three Reaction and How the Film Changes (or Not) Beatles History
November 29, 2021

Joined by bassist John Montagna, the Talk More Talk gang discusses part three of "Get Back" and its impact on Beatles history.  Thank you for joining us on this "long and winding road"!   talkmoretalk

TMT Extra: ”Get Back” Parts One and Two Reaction
November 27, 2021

Ken Womack reunites with the Talk More Talk gang to discuss parts one and two of “Get Back.” Part three will be discussed on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 9 pm ET on our YouTube channel, so join us then.  Part t

Episode 78: Wrack Our Brains Returns!
November 23, 2021

Before the big "Get Back" weekend, we decided to play a round of our popular "Wrack My Brain" game. We will ask each other questions to answer off the top of our heads that are strictly opinions, e.g.

Episode 77: Paul McCartney Lyrics 1956-Present
November 09, 2021

Paul McCartney has chosen to tell his life story through his music rather than a traditional biography. However, since its release, the two-volume work has generated some controversy. In this episode