How to Submit to Directories for Podcast2Radio

To distribute your podcast stream to all of these new and exciting distribution outlets, use the Direct Playback URL you received in your welcome email. This is what you’ll be sharing in the new directories and platforms.

Now that you have a continuous stream of shows, you can distribute your content to many internet radio networks and digital platforms. The advantage of internet radio distribution is added exposure of your podcast content to a larger online audience already engaged in listening. Your show is searchable via keywords and show names on each platform that your podcast/stream is added to.

Quick note: The key difference between internet radio and on-demand podcasting is that internet radio is a continuous stream that cannot be interrupted or paused by the listener, similar to traditional radio. Of course you can inform listeners to ‘subscribe’ to Apple Podcasts or other on-demand media so one leads to the other.

Your stream will be gathering loads of information about your listeners. How they are listening, where they are coming from, as well as how much of your content they are listening to based on ‘total listening hours’. Please refer to your activation email information about how to monitor and engage those additional analytics.

Currently, these directories and distribution platforms require direct permission from you to activate your stream to their listeners — you’ll be required to sign up with each as instructed below. The good news is, once you are registered, your content will automatically be picked up in the future.

Here are some platforms we suggest submitting your Direct Playback URL to:

  1. tunein logo

Learn about TuneIn

Podcasters, add your ‘station’

Click on ADD A STATION (streams are also referred to as a station). Fill out the information as required. Remember your “Stream URL” from above.

Fill out every field and remember to use tag words that can help listeners find you in the search. Make sure to check the “Accept and Agree” box and click “Sign Me Up.” You will be contacted via email from TuneIn about your station listing.

It’s important to upload album artwork or a logo. They recommend a square logo in GIF, PNG, or JPG format. Keep in mind that artwork and logos show up in a black and white background you may need to make some alterations before uploading.

Check out all the places TuneIn will take your podcast including Xbox, Sonos, Samsung and many more!

  1. appleiTunes 

Apple Podcasts Internet Radio Directory and Apple TV

You may be listed in Apple Podcasts as a podcast, but it also supports a very active and popular internet radio directory that can only be accessed via streaming media.  

Submit your station to the Apple Podcasts  Internet Radio Directory

You’ll be asked to submit your content to a ‘genre’. We suggest News/Talk Radio first. If you talk about music, then you might consider listing your station/stream under a music genre. It is very challenging to change the genre once it is submitted, choose thoughtfully.

You will also need 1400×1400 album artwork because your station/stream will be listed on AppleTV as well with this submission. Think about how your artwork will look on all those huge 4K TVs.

  1. vTunerRadio logo

vTuner and browse stations

Suggest a station (Add your station)

5. shoutcast logo zeno logo

We are in the process of activating your SHOUTcast listing. Check out that listing at and see hundreds of thousands, listening right now.

We also highly recommend that you sign up for ZENO Radio, a service that turns your stream into a phone number.  Many listeners don’t want to use their mobile data to listen, but if they can call a phone number to hear your podcast, they can use their minutes. Many of us have minutes to spare! Go to to sign up now. It’s free with your P2R stream.

  1. Internet radio directories

Here is a blog that walks you through additional steps to submit and promote your stream/station to even more internet radio directories:

You’ll find instructions for directories such as:


Add new channel

Add a channel


Add a station

Screamer Radio

Submit your station by contacting

An all-in-one source for live radio, video and news – is a high quality directory listing that offers thousands of stations, plus listeners can tune into the free Android and iOS apps.

Submit your station by filling in this form.

Radio Guide FM

Submit your radio station by filling out this form.

Online Radio Streaming

Submit your radio station by filling in this form.