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PowEp029 – The Long Dark
September 08, 2019

In this Episode: The long dark NZ Autumn and Winter of 2019.Aotearoa means Land of the Long White Cloud and we live up to that with high % cloud cover, including fog and only handful of sunny days.We may be on track for what may be the lowest record...

August 2019 Sunshine Summit – Promo
June 20, 2019

Hello it's Heather from the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast. In association with Geeks Rising from the 10th to the 16th of August, or 11th to 17th if you're in a timezone near New Zealand, we are hosting the second 2019 Sunshine Summit.

SunEp029 – Ebb and Flow
May 30, 2019

SunEp029 - Ebb and Flow Hello and welcome to the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast. My name is Heather and I am your host. This podcast features two types of episodes which alternate. Sunshine ones like this one offer inspiration drawn from natu...

Stargazing, Internet Outages and micro-grids
April 04, 2019

PowEp028 - Stargazing, Internet Outages and micro-grids Firstly,Thank you to Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss Podcast and Steph Fuccio of Changing Scripts, Virtual Expats and Expat Rewind for both recently becoming patrons of sunshine & PowerCuts! ...

Connections: Sunshine, PowerCuts, Summits
March 27, 2019

SunEp028 - Connections: Sunshine, PowerCuts, Summits(1hr) This marks the 60th episode of the Sunshine & PowerCuts Podcast.In the early days, there were a few bonus episodes due to the excitement for this creative journey and gratitude for the suppor...

Gas Hotwater, Hay, Dust, Glamping
February 27, 2019

PowEp027 - Gas Hotwater, Hay, Dust, Glamping The episode begins with the audio promotion for the March Sunshine Summit 2019.From March 9-16 (10th-17th NZT) the livestream event to celebrate connections will be taking place at https://sunshinesummit....

Music By Nature
February 14, 2019

SunEp027 - Music By Nature The quote from Shakespeare "The earth has music for those who listen" is a favourite one of mine and the foundation of this episode. So is my motto Life is beautiful; enjoy it's beauty,

Heat Wave, Thermodynamics, Music by Nature
February 03, 2019

PowEp026 – Heat Wave, Thermodynamics, Music by NatureIn this episode we begin with a few announcements: Sunshine & PowerCuts can now be found on Geeks Rising is a curated podcast network which features podcasts by passionate people e...

January 23, 2019

SunEp026 - Refreshment Before we begin, think about what 'refreshment' means to you. Refreshment can be starting again, when we experience a change, rest and find renewed strength and energy. We look at themes of refreshment: the natural cycle...

Sunshine Hours, Measuring Power, Growth & Duck Curves
January 15, 2019

PowEp025 - Sunshine Hours, Measuring Power, Growth & Duck CurvesThis first PowerCut Episode for 2019 has a lot in it!We begin with a recap of the total Sunshine Hour, temperature and rainfall results of 2018 from the latest NIWA report.