Summit For Wellness Podcast

Summit For Wellness Podcast

125- What Information You Really Want to Know From Your Labs with Jenn Malecha

September 03, 2020

When you get labwork done, you'll notice that each marker has different set of ranges that are considered the standard range. Usually if you are within the ranges, then you are considered "healthy" regardless of where you are at within the range.However, those ranges are created from a healthy and unhealthy population, and when you are getting close to the edges of a range, then you are close to a clinical diagnosis. What is more ideal is to find the ranges of healthy people, and create what is considered the optimal range.In this episode, Jenn Malecha will be sharing with us what those optimal ranges look like, and which tests are more ideal to run to get better information about your health.What To Expect From This Episode

Why regular labwork might not actually provide valuable information about your health

What tests and markers should be checked to keep you healthy

How are ranges defined for healthy and unhealthy levelsWhich markers can correlate with different areas of your body

Shownotes* [1:30] What got Jenn Malecha involved in the health and wellness space* [6:00] Why are the normal labs that you usually get yearly might not be the best tests for true information of your health condition* [11:30] If someone comes to work with you and they haven't had bloodwork done in awhile, does Jenn run basic tests first, or run functional labs right away* [13:00] Can blood markers change day to day* [16:15] Sometimes your lab markers come back fine, but you don't feel good. That is when you have to dig deeper* [18:15] What are the differences between standard ranges and optimal ranges* [21:30] If you catch things just outside of the optimal ranges, than you can get ahead of the development of disease before it becomes complicated to reverse* [23:45] Did Jenn's mold experience make her a canary in the coal mine* [25:30] What blood markers can tell you about gut health* [27:45] Which blood markers are Jenn's favorite to check* [30:00] Learn from Jenn Malecha's daily routine she follows to improve her own health* [34:00] Little hacks to improve sleep and help to wake up more naturally during the winter monthsResources From This EpisodeSome of these resources may contain affiliate links, which provides a small commission to me (at no extra expense to you).* Another great episode about bloodwork and what to look for with tests- Listen Now* What tests to run for GI Pathogens- Learn More* Learn from Jill Crista about mold exposure- Listen Now

Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)

Bryan Carroll: [00:00:15] Have you ever looked at your blood work results and wondered what all the different markers actually mean? Well, there is a good chance of the blood work you got. Isn't really telling the story about your health anyways.And there are more important markers for you to pay attention to what's up everyone. I'm Bryan Carroll and I'm here to help people move more, eat well and be adventurous. And today Jen Malecha is here to help us sort out confusing information around blood work. She will be sharing what lab tests are actually important and what to do with the information you receive about your health.So let's jump into my conversation with Jen. Jen Malecha supports busy health minded professionals and taking back control of their health by giving access to the right lab tests and resources. So they can find the missing pieces of their health puzzle,