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SWTS: TOP 15 Scenes from Disney’s Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
January 31, 2024

On this episode of the Star Wars Time Show, the crew discusses all of the highlights from the Sequel Trilogy as well as some comments from Daisy Ridley about her upcoming Star Wars film! Punch it!

SWTS: BAD BATCH Season 3 Deep Dive and Somehow Asajj Ventress Has Returned Theories
January 24, 2024

On this episode of the Star Wars Time Show, Nick returns in time to breakdown the first Bad Batch season 3 trailer! Listen in as the crew speculates on what could be coming in the final season of Bad

SWTS: TOP Scenes from Mandoverse Era and Its Future on the Big Screen, Plus REY Movie In Trouble
January 17, 2024

Hey now fans of the Star Wars Time Verse! This week I had to go solo as Young Nick was out with the plague, so prepare for a lot of Matt in this week's episode. I touch on a few current news topic

SWTS: Most Anticipated Star Wars of 2024, Mandalorian and Grogu Movie Plus AHSOKA Season 2 Confirmed
January 10, 2024

Hey now SWTS fans! This week the show featured a special guest host in Konnor Tierney from the Beyond the Dune Sea show! We discuss Konnor's passion for the franchise, how his show came about and

SWTS: TOP Scenes From ANDOR, ROGUE ONE, and the ORIGINAL TRILOGY, Plus Mando Wins 2023 Streaming
January 04, 2024

The first Star Wars Time Show of 2024 is here and we are talking top moments from the Original Trilogy era, which includes Andor, Rogue One, and all of the OT films! Get ready for some hot takes and f

SWTS: BEST STAR WARS Moments of 2023, Plus Kylo’s Aborted Arc and Dave’s Plans for Mandoverse Thrawn
December 20, 2023

It's the last Star Wars Time Show for the year! To close out 2023, the SWTS crew will reveal their top Star Wars moments from 2023 and reminisce about all of the good content from this past year. Than

SWTS: TOP Scenes From The Prequels, KENOBI, and SOLO, Plus The Mandalorian and Skeleton Crew Rumors
December 13, 2023

On this episode of the Star Wars Time Show, the crew discusses their favorite scenes from the Prequels, Kenobi, and Solo! They also dive into some Skeleton crew leaks and Mandalorian season 4 rumors.

SWTS: What if Dave Filoni Was CCO for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Plus Two Disney+ Shows Confirmed
December 06, 2023

On this episode of the Star Wars Time Show, the crew invades the mind of Dave Filoni and discusses changes he would have made to the sequel trilogy in his new role as Chief Creative Officer. Plus, the

SWTS: Ranking the BOKKEN JEDI Trained After ORDER 66, Dave Filoni CCO Hype, and New Jedi Order News
November 29, 2023

On this episode of the Star Wars Time Show, the crew ranks the known Bokken Jedi in the galaxy, discuss Dave Filoni's expanded role in the Star Wars development process, and speculate on what could be

Scoundrels of the New Republic #3: The Mos Espa Investigation
November 21, 2023

On this episode of Scoundrels of the New Republic, the crew of the Bandit 3 are back and in hot pursuit of a new lead in Mos Espa that could bring in a big score and even bigger opportunities if thing