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SWTS: Donald Glover Back As Lando, Star Wars Movies Delayed, Crimson Dawn Series, & Squadrons Gameplay
July 29, 2020

Welcome back, Fandos! We are here again for another edition of the Star Wars Time Show, and while we do have some legit news stories to cover this week, we also have some rumors to cover as well.

SWTS: Hayden Signs on for ‘Kenobi’, Black Series Bonanza, New Squadrons Info, and Fans Pitch Future Star Wars Projects
July 22, 2020

Welcome back to the Star Wars Time Show! This week we have a pretty full list of topics to discuss including a ton of new toy reveals, some rumors surrounding Hayden Christensen in the Kenobi series, and some info on Star Wars Squadrons.

SWTS: The Bad Batch TV Series, A Potential ‘Solo Follow Up, & Moff Gideon’s Force Potential
July 15, 2020

Welcome back to the official Star Wars Time Show. The only Star Wars Show that cares more about you, the fans, than we do ourselves. We actually have a pretty full show for the first time in a few weeks, so sit back and listen to the relaxing tones of ...

SWTS: Unfinished ‘Clone Wars’ Arcs Are Dead, LEGO Mosaics Are Rad, and Fans Want More ‘Solo Stories
July 08, 2020

Hey now Star Wars fans welcome back to the Star Wars Time Show, the only Star Wars podcast to have fans that hate the show but still listen! This week Nick is out on leave, so your's truly goes solo for a tight little show.

SWTS: Cad Bane Black Series, Mando Books, Good and Bad of Age of Resistance Trilogy, Battle Bracket Update, & Top 5
July 01, 2020

Welcome back to the Star Wars Time Show, everyone! This is a pretty thin week in terms of Star Wars news, but Matt and I still manage to give you guys a full show worth of material, plus some. Thank you all of tuning in this week!

SWTS: Squadrons Gameplay Reactions, New Vintage Collection and LEGOs, Jedi Knight Luke in SWGOH, High Republic Great Disaster Reveal, & Battle of the Non-Force Users
June 24, 2020

Welcome home Star Wars Time people. We are just calling you people from now until we have the new official name for our fans voted on. There was a stunning amount of news and other SW related material to cover this week,

SWTS: Star Wars: Squadrons Reactions, Celebration 2020 Cancelled, Ahsoka in Mando Details
June 17, 2020

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Star Wars Time Show! We don't have too many new topics to talk about today, but we make the most of the ones we do. If you want to follow along with our topics of conve...

SWTS: Live Action Thrawn Speculation, Project Maverick Update, Gaming Greats as Toys, & Top 5
June 10, 2020

Welcome back for a brand new edition of the Star Wars Time Show! Matt and I were back on the live stream schedule this week, and even though the topics were a little thin, we still had a good time talking about all things Star Wars. Check it out!

SWTS: Clone Wars Chronology Update, Thrawn Trilogy History, New Black Series Figures, & Favorite Saga Quotes
June 03, 2020

Welcome back to the best Star Wars podcast in the land, the Star Wars Time Show. Matt and I made the decision this week to forego the live stream in honor of #BlackOutTuesday and the Black Lives Matter movement,

SWTS: High Republic Delayed, Enfys Nest in ‘Cassian’ Series, Best ‘ESB’ Character Performance
May 27, 2020

Hello there everyone, and welcome to the newest edition of the Star Wars Time Show! This is a pretty dead week in terms of Star Wars news, but Matt and I make the best of what we have and give you guys some amazing content in this episode.