Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

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Rebecca Kiessling: The Life We’re Given – Saving the 1
September 15, 2023

In the first half of the podcast, Mary Danielsen chats with international pro-life and adoption advocate Rebecca Kiessling who works tirelessly across the culture to influence people to choose life. A

Jason Jimenez: The Hijacking of the Faith for a Progressive Agenda
September 14, 2023

Jason Jimenez of Stand Strong Ministries talks to Mary Danielsen about how Progressivism views itself as a kinder, gentler, dogma free Christianity Lite but trouble lies ahead for these deniers of tru

Pastor Mike Abendroth: Bring All Things Back to the Word of Truth
September 13, 2023

Today's discussion is centered around the importance of context when reading and applying Scripture. Context is a safeguard for us, and will prevent us from reading our preferences into the text or 'A

Leo Hohmann: You May Already be a Human 2.0; New Mexico’s Lady Tyrant; The West on Life Support
September 12, 2023

Mary Danielsen talks with author and investigative reporter Leo Hohmann about how far gone Western civilization truly is. His unique cutting-edge style gets right to the heart of many of today's top h

Josh Parise: Sexual Idoltory And Its Role in Human Trafficking
September 11, 2023

Nate Danser - Terra Koslowski and Josh Parise, Founder/Director or Ephesians 5 Ministries talk with Nate Danser, Vice President for Ministry Outreach at Pure Life Ministries about the connection of po

Chris Quintana and Bruce Carroll: And Hope Does Not Disappoint
September 08, 2023

Chris Quintana - Chris Quintana of Old Path Ministries, Mary Danielsen and Crash Connell along with Dove award winning musician Bruce Carroll discuss disaster overload. Anyone who thinks the world wil

Replay – The Age of Deceit: Terms of Surrender
September 07, 2023

Mary is still not feeling her best to return for a fresh podcast, so today we replay a podcast from early July, 2023. - Mary takes on the exponential growth of political and cultural lies and asks why

Chad Davidson, Good Fight Ministries: Exposing the Darkness, Evil Entertainment
September 06, 2023

We hear about how God transformed Chad Davidson's life and brought him to Good Fight Ministries, and we discuss the wickedness and satanic influence of many of today's entertainers and celebrities. Mo

Replay – J. Warner Wallace – Person Of Interest, Apologetics for Case-Makers
September 05, 2023

Producer's Note: Our main host, Mary Danielsen continues to battle with some heath issues and was unable to come in and do a fresh show today as usual. Please be in prayer as she gets some bed rest an

John Haller: Mideast Tensions Soar; Saudi Plays the Field; BRICS Ambitions
September 01, 2023

Due to some interesting tech issues from our last visit with John Haller, we decided not to pre-promote today's guest and topic, so here we go! - John and Mary discuss a variety of hot spots on the cu