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Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

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Scott Schara: America’s Number One Cause Of Death – Grace Schara’s Lawsuit Update
September 25, 2023

Today Crash Connell visits in studio with Scott Schara. Breaking news: Medical Murder outpaces heart disease and cancer. We recap with Scott about "how we got here today". - How could this be possible

Dr. JB Hixson: Stage Setters, False Narratives, Rampant Deception
September 21, 2023

Dr. JB Hixson and Mary Danielsen continue their discussion of the rise of the False Prophet, the right-hand man of the Antichrist. A lot has been written about the final, brutal world leader but few h

Andy Woods: Building the Antichrist Kingdom; Cornering Israel
September 21, 2023

Pastor, teacher, bible scholar Andy Woods returns to Stand Up to chat about the coming tyrannical kingdom of Antichrist. It's amazing to see on paper how far advanced is the construction of a global e

Replay – Gary Kah: The Continuing March to Globalism
September 20, 2023

Original air date August 9, 2016 - The Bible is clear on what lies ahead: more people and nations will be gathering in defiance to God and His Word. And for centuries every generation has wondered if

Carl Teichrib: Transformers of the Culture – More Than Meets the Eye
September 19, 2023

Guest Carl Teichrib is a researcher's researcher and his eyewitness accounts of transformational festivals such as Burning Man and the recent Parliament of World Religions in Chicago are real time rea

Brent Henderson – God’s Word and His Purpose for Biblical Men
September 18, 2023

Part 2 of our discussion with Brent Henderson of Unleashed Ministries, we learn about our Heavenly Father's Will for His Created from the very beginning. Guest host is Q90 founder, general manager and

Rebecca Kiessling: The Life We’re Given – Saving the 1
September 15, 2023

In the first half of the podcast, Mary Danielsen chats with international pro-life and adoption advocate Rebecca Kiessling who works tirelessly across the culture to influence people to choose life. A

Jason Jimenez: The Hijacking of the Faith for a Progressive Agenda
September 14, 2023

Jason Jimenez of Stand Strong Ministries talks to Mary Danielsen about how Progressivism views itself as a kinder, gentler, dogma free Christianity Lite but trouble lies ahead for these deniers of tru

Pastor Mike Abendroth: Bring All Things Back to the Word of Truth
September 13, 2023

Today's discussion is centered around the importance of context when reading and applying Scripture. Context is a safeguard for us, and will prevent us from reading our preferences into the text or 'A

Leo Hohmann: You May Already be a Human 2.0; New Mexico’s Lady Tyrant; The West on Life Support
September 12, 2023

Mary Danielsen talks with author and investigative reporter Leo Hohmann about how far gone Western civilization truly is. His unique cutting-edge style gets right to the heart of many of today's top h