Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

SoS #176: How To Move During Sex

March 04, 2016

Do you tend to lie still or do the same motion over and over again during sex? Here's how to get moving and shake up your sexual routines. We cover how to get over the emotional blocks that keep us holding still and how to activate more erotic movement - in and out of bed.

We cover:

  • why so many people lie still during sex
  • getting over the "dead fish syndrome" and enjoy moving
  • how to get over emotional barriers that prevent you from moving
  • why more movement means more pleasure, arousal and fun
  • how to start moving more during sex
  • the three main hip movements that we all need to practice
  • how to move more out of bed, during solo sex and with your partner