Solopreneur Success

Solopreneur Success

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SSP029 Big Idea Marketing with Bond Halbert
September 17, 2020

This conversation with Bond Halbert, son and protege of legendary copywriter Gary Halbert, is like sitting in on a master class in how to find and capitalize on big ideas in your marketing from product development through filling your bank account with...

SSP028 Virtual Escape Rooms with Tom Parslow
September 06, 2020

Tom Parslow combined his early love of computer programming with his new hobby as escape room enthusiast to create a protitable solopreneur business. From a humble start he grew a strong reputation in the escape room industry and personally helped save...

SSP027 Planning for a Conscious Business with Burke Franklin
August 29, 2020

After more than 30 years in the trenches of business planning, Burke Franklin has discovered not only how to plan ahead, but how to do so in a conscious way that corresponds with your own values and creates strong value propositions for partners,

SSP026 Sales Made Simple with Shawn Kunkler
July 13, 2020

If you want a business rather than a hobby, you have to sell. Some seem to be born salespeople while others have to work at it. Shawn Kunkler helps both kinds of business owners improve their sales in this episode.

SSP025 Building Trust with Email Newsletters with Michael Katz
July 03, 2020

Email newsletter expert Michael Katz writes one of my all-time favorite email newsletters and helps other service professionals do the same. They're one of the most effective ways to build stronger relationships with those you already know and no one d...

SSP024 Cash Flow Management with David Safeer
June 19, 2020

David Safeer specializes in helping rapidly growing companies survive when they hit a cash crunch. But if you'll listen to the cash flow management advice he give during this episode you may never face one in the first place.

SSP023 Search Engine Optimization with Damon Burton
June 12, 2020

Damon Burton, founder of SEO National, joins us today to talk about search engine optimization. But along the way you'll also hear great lessons on getting your first client, growing your business through outsourcing,

SSP022 Rocking the Virtual Stage with Rich “Trigger” Bontrager
May 15, 2020

Live events closed down and everyone working from home means adoption of the virtual stage has accelerated. Much of what you need to know to rock the virtual stage comes straight from broadcasting - and Rich has 30 years of experience in it.

SSP021 Paying Success Forward to the Third World with Marek Zmyslowski & Yaritza Reyes
May 08, 2020

What do you do AFTER you build a business past the $1 Billion point or win your nation's top modeling pageant? Marek Zmyslowski and Yaritza Reyes chose to pay it forward.

SSP020 Copywriting: The Power of Persuasive Writing with Katie Yeakle & Rebecca Matter
May 01, 2020

Direct response copywriting isn't about writing a sales letter. It's about persuasion. And Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter, two leaders from the powerhouse copywriting training company American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI),