Shadows of a Dark Past

Shadows of a Dark Past

Latest Episodes

Episode 4: A Handful of Thorns
October 02, 2020

Mark allows Andrew to use mind control power on him. Andrew introduces Mark to Stanford Jameson, greatly disturbing and angering him.

Episode 3: A Handful of Olive Branches
September 18, 2020

Mark ponders why he is obsessed with Andrew. He is invited back for another conversation with Andrew, which is less strained, and both open up a bit more about themselves.

Interlude 1: A Call to the Light
September 11, 2020

Holly Baumgartner guesses that Andrew is a vampire and tries to find out more about him.

Episode 2: To the Shadows
September 04, 2020

Andrew forbids Stanford from interacting with Mark. Mark questions Toby Clayton about the night Andrew arrived at Clayton Mill.

Episode 1: From the Shadows
August 21, 2020

Claysville psychiatrist Mark McCain is convinced he has discovered the presence of a vampire. He confronts Andrew Clayton, believing him to be the vampire, and they have a brief, tense conversation about his background and motives.