Shadows of a Dark Past

Shadows of a Dark Past

Latest Episodes

Interlude 5: Shackled to the Chaos of Might
February 13, 2021

In Gabrielle's captivity, Andrew reveals that he knows she put the Vampire Curse on Zachariah Clayton, and tells her hates her.

Episode 10: No Fallen Angels May Fly
February 12, 2021

Mark worries about Andrew, and Alison worries about Mark. But when Mark goes to visit Stanford, he finds Andrew has returned.

Episode 9: Awakening the Sleeping Devil
January 29, 2021

Mark and Alison conduct a seance to contact the spirit of Zachariah Clayton, hoping he can help them find Andrew and Gabrielle.

Interlude 4: The Innocent Never Wear White
January 08, 2021

Holly scolds Toby in the hospital, and tries to convince him to accept Andrew fully into the family.

Episode 8: The Graver the Wound
December 11, 2020

After being called by David Clayton in the middle of the night, Mark searches the First Home for the missing Toby and Andrew.

Episode 7: The Deeper We Delve
November 13, 2020

Andrew and Toby explore the First Home after Toby reveals that Zachariah Clayton lived there many years ago.

Interlude 3: A Laugh on the Wind Out of Sight
November 06, 2020

Andrew expresses his fears about Gabrielle to Holly, who tries to help him strengthen his resolve to leave the witch for good.

Episode 6: Desperate, Hopeful, and Bold
October 30, 2020

Mark enlists the help of an old flame, Alison Simmons, to help Andrew protect himself from Gabrielle.

Episode 5: Bitter, Raw, and Cold
October 16, 2020

Mark tries to reach out in peace to Stanford, but it does not go well. Mark refuses to forgive Andrew. Andrew finally opens up about the witch he is attempting to hide from.

Interlude 2: O Wounded, Piteous Night
October 09, 2020

Andrew despairs over Mark's fury, and Holly suggests he call Mark and try to make amends.