California SLAPP Law

California SLAPP Law

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SLAPP033 – How to Defeat an anti-SLAPP Motion with Inadmissible Evidence
September 19, 2022

In Episode 33 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we revisit the California Supreme Court decision of Sweetwater Union High School District v. Gilbane Building Co. Our client was sued by an attorney,

SLAPP032 – The 3 Most-Often Miscited Anti-SLAPP Cases
June 20, 2021

We begin Episode 32 with the discussion of how Morris & Stone just defeated an anti-SLAPP motion. I reveal the common (and fatal) mistake made by defense counsel when they pursue anti-SLAPP motions. A

SLAPP031 – A Gambler Bets Wrong on the Anti-SLAPP Statute
May 16, 2021

In Episode 31, in addition to an anti-SLAPP case, we examine another example of how opposing counsel blew an opposition to our Motion for Summary Judgment, by being unaware of the procedure rules. The

SLAPP030 – Is it Defamatory to Call Someone a “Crook?”
May 03, 2021

Fun, fun, fun in the California sun at Morris & Stone. In just the past couple of weeks, we (1) Obtained a 3.9 million dollar defamation verdict for one client; (2) Got another client out of a 7 milli

SLAPP029 – Can Attorneys Sue Their Clients for Malicious Prosecution After a Fee Dispute?
March 22, 2021

In episode 28, we discussed the attorney who sued his own client for malicious prosecution. The client had challenged the fees charged by the attorney by way of the informal fee arbitration process, a

SLAPP028 – An Exception to the Absolute Police Report Privilege?
March 14, 2021

Some of our anti-SLAPP cases are breaking new legal ground through some very interesting fact patterns. Penal Code section 11172 You are probably aware that certain professionals are required to repor

SLAPP024 – Supreme Court Clarifies Whether Amended Complaint Resets 60-Day Clock for Anti-SLAPP Motion
March 25, 2018

In Episode 24 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we tackle two important anti-SLAPP issues. Newport Harbor Ventures, LLC v. Morris Cerullo World Evangelism The conventional wisdom until now, as expr

SLAPP001 – Why Every Litigator Must Know California SLAPP Law
April 13, 2014

California’s SLAPP Law provides for the use of special motions to strike, called “anti-SLAPP motions“, to quickly dispose of lawsuits that were filed only to improperly silence free speech or to preve