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Staying True To Yourself - SL009
April 08, 2019

Michelle Wolf @ Whitehouse Corespondents Dinner

Just Breathe – SL008
February 03, 2019

In this episode joining Song B, we have Sisters Extraordinaire guest Lena Robinson and Contessa Bunn. The topics for the week are under the 'Just Breathe' umbrella beginning with the pursuit of happiness activity we engaged for the week.

New Beginnings 2019 Health Is My Wealth – SL007
January 07, 2019

Visiting co-host Colleen Morgan,  accredited coach, trainer and sister-friend in London.  We begin the new year with reflecting on the lessons from the pasts year and using tools to forecast a positive outlook for the new year.   - She Rise,

Faith in Steps: One Foot in Front of the Other – SL006
December 19, 2018

Hello Sister Love Extraordinaire sisters and friends.  In this episode we are rocking w - ith Hazel Jay!  Hazel Jay also known as Lady J, is an author, educator and social entrepreneur who stops by to join SEX-C BABE's this December to share her f...

Health Care or Kill: Healers and Self-Care -SL005
November 11, 2018

This week, Sister Love Song B speaks with ire around the delivery of poor health care in lower income communities and how we must begin with self-care.  Evident of social dissent is the rise of community based healers.

No Time for Haters: Cardie B, Alice Walker, A Shero – SL004
October 19, 2018

In this solocast, Song Bee speaks intimately about discovering you possibly have haters and how to shift energy and by negating theirs. She talks about Cardi B's rant against haters on social media telling them to leave her and her child alone.

Kav Hearing Has My Britches in a Bundle -SL003
September 25, 2018

In this episode, Queen Song Bee wings it in a solocast!  Yes - it's you, me, we.  SB gives her view on the Kav hearings;  recent sexual harassment allegation and the mysterious victim  Professor. Christine Blakey-Ford,

Aretha’s Homecoming Celebration -SL002
September 02, 2018

Episode opens with RobinMay Baby and SongBee discussing the Queen of Soul's homecoming celebration, with highlights on performances by Ariana Grande, Chaka Kahn and the day after Tweets.   King Wifus, special low-sugar Mexican-style coffee made by RMB ...

Celebrating Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin intro episode -SL001
August 21, 2018

In this first special episode, we celebrate the first day launching Sister Love:Untethered and Under the Radar and we celebrate the life and musical stylings of ARETHA FRANKLIN born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 25,