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75. How to hygge when you are a busy mom (and it isn't about socks and candles)

October 09, 2020

Have you heard of hygge? It is the Danish word that embodies the sentiments of being cozy, connected and content. If you look it up on Pinterest you will see a lot of cozy spaces full of things like flickering candles, a lovely throw, some fuzzy socks. 

These all make a space feel cozier, but it takes more than that to experience hygge. 

I want to share three mindsets that will help you shift right into hygge and have that cozy, connected and content experience in your daily life. 

You may have heard me talk about hygge before in this episode where I compared it with minimalism and how the two were different and similar. If I lean one way, it is probably towards hygge. But perhaps that is because I have done all the decluttering already and my home feels simpler. 

But this Enneagram Type 9 especially loves hygge because of its focus on equality, balance, simplicity and contentment. 

* If you want to add more hygge into your life this fall and winter then get yourself the FREE calendar on 30 days of hygge (get it here). 
* If you love to look at hygge inspiration check out my Pinterest board

And since we are entering fall and we love to have cozy spaces in our home, let's get out homes ready with the Simplify for Fall Challenge (sign up here). 

It is so helpful to clear out your space and reset your home before Thanksgiving and Christmas take over our living space. And if you are prepping for Christmas already, check out the Simple Christmas Planner right here. This is the 2020 updated version! 



 Full transcript of this episode
Friends at Shawna, your nerdy girlfriend, and life coach from simple on I am a Canadian mom in small town, Canada. I'm a mom of three cool kids.
I am a life coach at the Life on Purpose Academy, and I also do one on one life coaching. And you probably know me if you've hung around the Simple on Purpose blog at all. So welcome. I'm so glad you're here. The whole goal around this show is to give you just a quick check in with yourself on the things that matter to you and the things you want in your life. So we're going to remove the distractions that we're going to simplify, and we're going to show up on purpose. That's our mission. And one of my favorite ways to show up in my home in my life is hygge and hygge is that Danish word? It's spelled H Y G G E I needed. It's the Danish word that embodies that sense of connectedness and coziness. And you've probably seen pictures of fuzzy socks and candles and tea with steam coming out of it.
It's so cozy. It's so darn cozy. So I heard about this a few years ago, and I just love pinning pins about it. And if you've been on Pinterest, you probably seen the trend, the coffee mugs, the cozy blankets, a lot of Scandinavian inspired touches, but I want to encourage you that hygge is not a decor trend or a shopping list of cozy things to bring into your home, those help, but at his core, hygge v is a mindset. So over the centuries, the Danish people have embraced hygge as a way of life. They've brought these values into their daily life. And since they focus on making their long dark winter, an especially hygge time they've incorporated these things, quote unquote, things, stuff that we see as a representation of what hygge is, but it's not about the stuff who God is about. Sitting with your friends around a candle at the table sharing a simple snack before it's ever about the candles.