Simple on Purpose | Intentional Living and Parenting

Simple on Purpose | Intentional Living and Parenting

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146. Feeling addicted to your phone? Understanding your phone habit + worksheets
November 09, 2021

I get messages from moms, and coach women who feel like they are addicted to their phones. - They share how it pulls them out of their presence with their kids and their lives. - It sucks up their tim

145. You aren’t alone mama, I go through that too
November 03, 2021

I knew I had to share this episode as I heard more and more coaching clients tell me how much they appreciated hearing me say that I don't always enjoy my kids, that I was a mom martyr, that pregnancy

144. How to lighten the mental load of DECISION FATIGUE
October 19, 2021

We hear a lot about the mental burden that moms carry. We have so many things on our minds about all the people and all the things that need to happen PLUS all the things we want to be doing for ourse

143. How to let go of IDENTITY CLUTTER
October 13, 2021

There is a type of clutter we ALL have in our home. It is identity clutter - you know those items that for someone we are not - but rather for different versions of ourselves: our past self, our aspir

142. What will change cost you? (Paying the status quo or investing in change)
October 05, 2021

We all feel this sense of  'ideal self' that we want to be moving towards. It is safe to assume a lot of us desire some change on some level in some area of our lives. But we need to consider what cha

141. When shopping isn’t making your life better (mindful and minimalist tips for shopping)
September 28, 2021

Feel like you are shopping too much? Want to bring a minimalist approach and mindset into how you shop? - Every season we seem to be bombarded with the latest fashion trends - a marketing strategy tha

140. Give your discomfort a purpose #uncomfortableonpurpose
September 22, 2021

I challenged you to get uncomfortable this week. Now I want to dig into doing simple things that serve a bigger purpose. Giving your discomfort a purpose to work towards the vision and goals you have

139. Are you TOO comfortable? And what is it costing you?
September 14, 2021

I love comfort (#typeninevibes) and I know that a lot of my comfort-seeking is more the AVOIDANCE of discomfort.  I don't want to be uncomfortable.  -   What things make you uncomfortable? For me they

138. Is momlife UNFUN? How to be a more FUN MOM
September 07, 2021

Looking for ways to have more fun in motherhood and BE more fun as a mom? I have asked myself this question too.  - Inside of our FB Group - Simple on Purpose Community, there comes a great question.

137. Back to school routines that we have in our house
August 31, 2021

It’s back to school time! Are you ready? I know we have been enjoying the slow pace of summer and will need to put ourselves back on schedule to make back to school run more smoothly.  Over the years