Simple on Purpose | Intentional living for Christian moms to simplify and live on purpose

Simple on Purpose | Intentional living for Christian moms to simplify and live on purpose

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82. Feeling discouraged about this Christmas? Start HERE.
November 23, 2020

This Christmas won't be like the ones you have curated and cherished. This is a holiday during a pandemic and we are having a universal experience of learning what that can look like.  - As moms, we do most of the Christmas planning.

81. Are you trading in peace, in your life and relationships, for relief?
November 16, 2020

I see a theme in the women I life coach. When I ask them what they want in their life, their homes, their motherhood, their relationships, peace (calm, serenity, harmony) is a common answer.  - Peace is something we crave,

80. Things nobody really talks about when it comes to intentional living
November 10, 2020

When we decide we want to turn off the autopilot and take control of our lives, we might be really excited. It is fun to think about the goals and dreams we have, where we want to go with our lives. But the hard work of showing up for it every day isn'...

79. Six signs you are living your life on autopilot (and what to do about it)
November 03, 2020

Feeling rushed, overwhelmed, unproductive can all be signs you are living your life on autopilot. That is, living life by default, without intention.  - The outcome is an inner sense of lack, but we might not notice it.

78. Small things that can change your whole life (the compound effect)
October 28, 2020

Do small things has changed my whole life.  - Today I'm sharing how motherhood really brought me face to face with my own neediness and limiting beliefs that everything and everyone else was causing me problems.  -

77. Why you need a day of BEING, and take rest from the DOING (Sabbath for moms)
October 21, 2020

We all hear about the Sabbath and as moms, we are like, "Sure! When will we find this magical day of rest from our lives??"  Because rest sounds good, but there are still kids here asking me for snacks and to play with them! -

76. Why it matters what you think (limiting mindsets in motherhood)
October 15, 2020

I used to be a big skeptic of limiting mindsets. I mean, how would I have a thought I'm not even aware of? And how would this thought somehow keep me stuck? - Since I have learned more about the science behind it and how our thought life is really run...

75. How to hygge when you are a busy mom (and it isn’t about socks and candles)
October 09, 2020

Have you heard of hygge? It is the Danish word that embodies the sentiments of being cozy, connected and content. If you look it up on Pinterest you will see a lot of cozy spaces full of things like flickering candles, a lovely throw,

74. Show up for momlife with these empowering mindsets
October 02, 2020

When you are at home with a baby, or a toddler and a baby your whole world can feel boring and relentless. There are countless demands on your time, energy and body and it can be so overwhelming to show up every day in motherhood when you just want a h...

73. How to deal with the emotional struggles of being a mom of babies and toddlers
October 02, 2020

As the kids get older I find myself watching moms with babies and toddlers and remember what a hot mess it felt like. - I can look back on those early years with all of their demands on my time, my body, my energy and notice how I really fought it an...