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Ep17.1 BONUS: Dunkirk episode
August 21, 2017

Joe and Dave follow up on their round-up of the previous nine Christopher Nolan movies with hist latest blockbuster, Dunkirk

Ep18. The Windbags of Winter
July 26, 2017

To mark the return of HBO's Game of Thrones to our screens, we explore the genesis and cultural phenomenon of the epic fantasy TV series.If you're looking for a Game of Thrones recap, look elsewhere. This is If you're looking for a Game of Thrones recap,

Ep17. Time Waits For Nolan
June 22, 2017

Joe and Dave Must Go Deeper into the work of Christopher Nolan.

Ep16.1 BONUS Alien:Covenant w/ Special Geist Shaun O'Connor
May 26, 2017


Ep16. Building Better Worlds w/ Special Geist Shaun O'Connor
May 23, 2017

Special Geist Shaun O'Connor discusses the Alien franchise excluding Covenant.

Ep15. Field of Streams: a Flixwatcher crossover, w/ Special Geists Kobi and Helen
May 02, 2017

With so many quality streaming services available, it's easy to get swept away. Kobi and Helen of the excellent Flixwatcher podcast join Joe and Dave as they dive headlong into the current.

Ep14. Trailer Swift
April 12, 2017

Joe and Dave are about to find out... that discussing movie trailers... [record scratch] ... is harder than it looks.

Ep13. Disney Comes Alive
March 22, 2017

Disney's latest trend is recycling its animated characters for live-action remakes.

Ep12. Oscars2017 #Oscarssoshite
March 01, 2017

Joe and Dave recap the first post-truth Oscars.

Ep11. Best Original Song with Special Geist John Boyle
February 13, 2017

With Academy Award season upon us, we look and listen to this year's hopefuls, as well as hits and misses from the past. Capably guiding us on our Oscar odyssey is music-man John Boyle, whose punditry packs a punch, and whose notes will be music to your e