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Ep28. Us w/ Special Geist Shaun O'Connor
April 24, 2019

Joe and Dave enlist the brain and vocal chords of acclaimed writer, director, and friend of the show Shaun O’Connor to parse through Jordan Peele’s latest cipher: Us, and just heap praise on Peele’s output in general.

Ep27. Avatar: The Last Airbender w/ Special Geist Cormac O'Callanain
February 12, 2019

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony… … Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

Ep26. Next Action Hero w/ Special Geist John Boyle
July 16, 2018

We all know who the Last Action Hero was, but who will be next?

Ep25. Arrested Developmental Disorder
July 01, 2018

.. now the story of a troubled sitcom who lost everyone, and the two armchair pundits who had no choice but to tear it all apart. It's Arrested Development.

Ep24. Sound and Vision w/ Special Geist Ruth
April 09, 2018

Special Geist Ruth joins Joe to discuss movie soundtracks and their indelible imprint on both the art and the audience.Music: Beck's cover of David Bowie's Sound and VisionFollow Shitegeist on twitter: shi

Ep23. Discovering Star Trek w/ Special Geist Richard Scriven
January 14, 2018

[Spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery, Black Mirror, The Orville]

Ep22. Nice Baubles
December 22, 2017

Joe and Dave get in the festive spirit as they rank 43 Christmas movies from zero to five Baubles to generate the ultimate Christmas Naughty and Nice List! We invite you to use our extremely scientific grading scale to cause ructions and arguments in your

Ep21. Stranger Themes 2
November 13, 2017


Ep20. mother! w/ Special Geist Shaun O'Connor
October 03, 2017

[Spoilers for Darren Aronofsky's mother!]

Ep19. Coulrophobia: Stephen King's IT w/ Special Geist Richard aka The Fear Merchant
September 11, 2017