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Unparalleled insights to help you retain listeners and make improvements to your show. Advanced Plans include Advanced Statistics at no additional cost.

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You want to measure your show’s performance, but you don’t want podcasting to be complicated. Blubrry takes care of it all for you!

IAB Certified Compliant Statistics

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets standards for the internet
advertising industry.

Blubrry stats are IAB v2.0 certified compliant by the Interactive Advertising
Bureau Tech Lab for Podcast Measurement Compliance, meaning
advertising agencies and organizations will trust your podcast stats.

Accurate & Reliable Podcast Statistics

Blubrry Podcast Statistics is designed specifically for measuring podcast downloads.

Unlike regular website statistics, we take into consideration unique internet addresses, resuming downloads, duplicate requests, and network errors, web crawlers, bots, etc, to filter out data that would otherwise inflate your statistics.

We do this to provide you with the most reliable data that is certified on how and where your podcast listeners consumed your content.

Advanced Statistics - Included with Advanced Hosting

Advanced Statistics provides you with valuable insights into your audience’s likes and dislikes. Podcasters wanting to retain their listeners will adapt and improve their show’s format, topics, length, ads, and more.  Advanced Statistics is included with all Advanced Podcast Hosting Plans.

Partial Play Data

You pour your heart and passion into every podcast episode, hoping that hard work translates into a satisfied audience. And you track your podcast stats every episode. How do you know if your audience pays attention from start to finish? You strive to keep your podcast audience engaged. That’s why Blubrry created partial play/download reporting for tracking listener retention.

A Blubrry exclusive metric we analyze your play and download data to determine, with uncanny accuracy, which of those plays and downloads were complete and which were partial. You’ll be able to tell when and where you retained or lost your audience’s attention, enabling you to improve your show’s content, pacing, and format.

Play Tracking

Blubrry’s Advanced Stats Play Tracking, gives insights into how listeners listen to your show on your website from the provided Blubrry web player.

Play Tracking offers additional insight into audience behavior, allowing you to know when listeners actually listened – when they played and stopped playing.

Available at the episode level, podcasters can assess how many people listened via the Blubrry Player on their website.

Get to Know Full Downloads, Plays and Partials

Most podcasts aspire to have 80% or more of their audience fully download each episode, while the remainder come from in-app/in-page plays and partial downloads. Let’s take a look at the metric definitions.

Full Downloads – Number of listeners who downloaded your podcast completely, typically for listening later or offline.

Plays and Partials – Number of listeners who played your podcast in-app/in-page:

  • 1 Minute to 25%
  • 25% to 50%
  • 50% to 75%
  • 75% to 99.99%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advanced Stats data found in my overall stats numbers?

Advanced Statistics have a separate reporting section of its own on each page that has a download report.

Will I get full, play and partial data for past episodes, or only for newly published episodes, when I sign up for Advanced Statistics?

We wish we had a time machine, but you will only get partial play data for new episodes upon signing up for Advanced Stats.

I’m not a numbers person… are Advanced Stats just for super techie podcasters?

No, not at all. We break out the information in easy to-read play percentages to empower you to make great programming decisions for your show.

How do I get IAB Certified Podcast Statistics?

You need to be a Blubrry Podcast Hosting customer to get IAB certified compliant podcast statistics. You can start a free 30 day trial today!

How do I access my show's free statistics?

  1. Login to your Blubrry account
  2. Your Podcast Statistics are located in your dashboard under Statistics *Statistics reporting can take up to 24 hours to start*
  3. Create an Account to Get Statistics… 
  4. Click Sign UP
  5. Input Name, Email, desired password, and re-enter password
  6. Go to the email you provided, 
  7. Find the email entitled Blubrry Welcome
  8. Click the link
  9. Now you should be in Blubrrys Dashboard 
    1. If you already have a show, supported through the dashboard, skip to question 10
  10. Click Add Show 
    1. Click I want Podcast Hosting.(Includes Podcast Statistics in Directory Listing)
  11. Answer questions honestly. 
    1. If you click YES
      1. Look up your podcast using a link or by searching their name.
      2. Skip to  step 9
    2. If you click NOT YET
      1. Input Podcast name, Category, Podcast Keyword, as well as whether it has explicit content, and podcast artwork 
        1. After clocking next, do NOT attempt to edit this page until you are fully enrolled. Once your podcast name is chosen, it is added immediately. If you go back after it is added it will register your original name as taken because you have already created it. 
  13. Free Statistics is located on your dashboard
    1. Statistics reporting can take up to 24 hours to start reporting data once you create your first episode.