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E120 ~ Memories Are Stored in Your Body - Somatic Awareness is Key
June 13, 2024

Discover how your body stores memory and emotions. Gain an understanding of how somatic awareness can help cultivate emotional resilience and empower us to navigate life's challenges. Gain practical tips and exercises that can enable you to tap into y

E119 ~ Enhance Emotional Intelligence with Guided Meditation for Somatic Comfort
June 06, 2024

Join me for a soothing guided meditation session aimed at helping you enhance your emotional intelligence and find somatic comfort. This Guided Mediation assists in cultivating an appreciation for all of your emotions, a trust in experiencing them, an ack

E118 ~ Stop People Pleasing: Learn How to Communicate Healthy Boundaries
May 30, 2024

Learn how to break free from the cycle of people-pleasing and regain control over your own happiness. Discover the powerful DEAR MAN communication tool to assertively set healthy boundaries and express yourself effectively. Don't let people-pleasing sabot

E117 ~ Understanding Emotional Intelligence: The 5 Essential Categories
May 23, 2024

Explore the 5 core categories of emotional intelligence and their significance in promoting overall wellness. Learn how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills can profoundly influence your emotional well-being and personal

E116 ~ Causes of Emotional Entanglement and Detox Tools
May 13, 2024

Learn 5 primary causes of emotional entanglement and wellness tools to assist in change. Gain awareness of what creates emotional shifts, when absorbing the emotions of others,, and wellness tools to cultivate something new. Memories are stored in the b

E115 ~ Guided Meditation for Healing, Sleep, Letting Go, Self-Illumination
May 05, 2024

On this Guided Meditation, take a walk through the forest with me to a pond of healing wonder where you will experience Self-Illumination. Absorb the heart-felt frequency of my crystal singing bowl as you seek clarity, comfort, and healing within, steppin

E114 ~ Create Your Personalized Action Plan for a Healthy and Harmonious Life Pt 4/4
April 29, 2024

Create a personalized action plan to make movement a way of living. Bring Healthy and Harmonious back to your life. It can be easy to lose sight of how far away we have gotten from where we want to be. Sometimes convincing ourselves that the ideal life we

E113 ~ Do You Practice Self-Care? Wellness Tools to Help Pt 3/4
April 22, 2024

Do you practice Self-Care? What does that look like? How Often Do You Practice? Does that include caring for your emotions? Procrastination is more than not completing a task or moving forward with something that needs attention. It impacts our psycholog

E112 ~ What is Your Self-Worth ~ End Procrastination ~ Pt 2/4
April 15, 2024

Gain an understanding of how self-worth and personal value tie into procrastination. Learn some easy tools to break free from time wasters and distracters. Engage your intuition in decision-making for movement. How are you cashing in on life?About the

E111 ~ How to Stop Procrastination and Spring Into Action ~ Pt 1/4
April 08, 2024

Gather an understanding of areas that lead to procrastination, the impact it has, and an easy tool to get started on movement. About the Spring Into Action Series:Have you ever found yourself stuck in stagnation? Repeating loops of procrastination and