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E110 ~ Impulse Control with this Quick and Simple tool ~ Dot.Dot. Emotion Regulation Tool
March 01, 2024

Learn this quick and simple tool that can be used for emotion regulation, staying present in the now, and improving impulse control. The Dot Dot Wellness Tool is especially helpful to assist with breaking habits, addictions, and, high anger episodes. Thi

E109 ~ 4 Easy Steps for Emotion Regulation ~ Percentage of Change Wellness Tool
February 14, 2024

Gather these simple 4-steps for Emotion Regulation using the Percentage of Change Tool.Emotions can be hard to identify, sometimes we have our "go-to" emotion and lose sight of all of the others. Other times we might know several emotions and

E66 ~ How Your Body Stores Emotions and Wellness Tools to Release
February 02, 2024

Emotions can be uncomfortable and even overwhelming. a high level of discomfort experiencing emotions in our body can lead to stored emotions driving us through life. These subconscious pulls pile up an already heavy pile of stored emotions that long to

E108 ~ End Self-Sabotage ~ Find Self-Worth ~ Rewire Wk 4/4
January 28, 2024

Do you find yourself getting in your way, sabotaging your happiness and well-being?Are you aware of the shadow aspects of yourself? The subconscious drivers that keep us on repeat and moving away from our self-worth.Learn how to connect to your inner kn

E107 ~ Sacred Reciprocity ~ How Do You Love ~ Rewire to Love ~ Wk 3/4
January 21, 2024

Gain insight into the Ego Driver and become the Soul Driver. Explore the ways you interact with yourself and your heart space and what it has to do with sacred reciprocity.This is a 4 part series with an added Energy Therapy Mediation. Full Serieshttps

E106 ~ Energy Therapy Meditation for Healing Inner Crumbs E106
January 19, 2024

Our mind and body can store fragments of past pain that we might not notice. These crumbs left behind can continue to be the driving force of our perceptions and interactions with ourselves and others. We can engage in life by running a script that is no

Did You Know the Average Attention Span?
January 18, 2024

Do any of these sound like you?I have wellness tools to help. Full episode ~ Send in a voice message:

E105 ~ Perfectionist Mindset ~ Rewire to Love ~ Week 2/4
January 16, 2024

Explore areas to assist with mind-shifting and emotional awareness. As we open up awareness of our inner dialogue, we can identify our connection to the language we choose and the emotion that brews. Learn valuable wellness tools to create shifts and rep

E64 ~ Emotion Regulation Tools : Be the Agent of Change in Your Life
January 15, 2024

Have you ever arrived at the end of your day in a state of confusion about where the day went? Wondered what you did throughout the day? Disconnected from the present moment and perhaps, without awareness, increased your own mental, physical, emotional,

Serenity Wellness Podcast Introduction
January 15, 2024

It might be easiest to start here, especially if you are new to the Serenity Wellness Podcast. A quick intro to who I am, what Serenity Wellness Podcast is about, and some tips on ways to gather your wellness tools. I look forward to sharing wellness wi