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Episode 214 – Getting Started with WordPress
July 03, 2022

When I teach class, I always advise using WordPress because it gives small business a way to level the playing field. At Vertical Web we do a lot of things, but client advocacy is one of the biggest.

Episode 213: How To Read an SEO Report
June 26, 2022

Each month I sit down to pick topics that are most relevant to the Digital Marketing landscape. Or, I am asked questions from clients that really can be a strong class topic. That is exactly what happ

Episode 212: The Ultimate Glossary of SEO Terms Explained
June 21, 2022

Digital marketing is a huge field, encompassing several fields of study and changing all the time. And like with any technically-heavy field, digital marketing comes with its own lingo that’s used amo

How to Build a Website or How to Hire Someone Who Can
May 27, 2022

It seems like everyone is a web designer or an SEO expert these days. After all the years in this industry you learn to spot trends.  When the economy is poor, the web designers come out of the woodwo

Common Mistakes That Negatively Impact Website Success
May 12, 2022

Common Mistakes That Negatively Impact Website Success Errors Errors everywhere and not a person to help.  We see errors everyday. Even sometimes we miss things. But what are critical mistakes that ha

Episode 209: All about Content
April 24, 2022

Their back! Well I think they never went away. What I’m talking about is content silos, or as ahref called them a topic cluster.  On a side note, recently there was a post on twitter about how people

Local SEO Tips for Getting on Google Maps
April 06, 2022

When a user does a search, Google determines if they are looking for something that is either close to them in proximity, or something that is further away. But with the passage of time, more searches

What is SEO? A Beginners Guide Part II. (Technical SEO)
March 20, 2022

This is the second part of our SEO for Beginners podcast. Because this section is vital for the success of any website when it comes to Google, I felt it best to put this section together all on its o

Episode 206: Fine Tuning for ’22
February 28, 2022

We finally got to kick off 2022 with our partner Houston Community College’s Center for Entrepreneurship. In tonight’s class I picked several points that will be the key items for ranking well in Goog

Episode 205 -A Beginners Guide to SEO: What is SEO?
February 27, 2022

When it comes to search engine optimization, people often overlook the value of basic SEO in their website and digital marketing operations. And some honestly may not even understand what to do or how