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SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-30 Fight Old Battles or Grow Up ?
January 30, 2009

RIAA and the music industry are fighting an old battle - meantime their best customers are growing up. Why attack your best customers ? Make it easy to do the right thing.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-29 One Man's Trash
January 29, 2009

The throttling technique proposed by Cox Communications could block valid content and opens the door for "Other" types of traffic that deserve special treatment.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-28 Your Own Cannibal
January 28, 2009

Netflix is one of the few companies out ahead of the technology and their success in downloads may put BluRay in the same category as the Pioneer Laserdisk, which hit the deadpool last week.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-27 EBay Upside Down
January 27, 2009

We know who the seller is - eBay - and if they find a buyer, they need to move quickly. They are rapidly becoming "upside down"

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-26 Detroit, Vista and Customers
January 26, 2009

Detroit and Microsoft were doing an excellent job of listening to customers. At least some of their customers.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-23 Content Business
January 23, 2009

In spite of the dire news in media that clings to an old business model, some broadcasters are realizing that they are in the community and content business, and are not hung up on the technology they have used for sixty years.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-22 HD Radio
January 22, 2009

HD-Radio is a solution in search of a consumer problem.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-21 Owning Your Cloud
January 21, 2009

While the new GDrive is tempting, you really need to have your own cloud storage strategy that you control physically and administer independently.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-01-20 Lobbyists, Broadband Stimulus and New Media
January 20, 2009

The $6B broadband stimulus bill will bring out lobbyists who will try to grandfather in obsolescent technology such as twister pair copper and coax. Will the new administration mobilize their new media expertise to do what is in the long term interest ?