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Production Halt of SDRNews7 and SDRNews-HL
February 12, 2009

I need to put a production hold on the new short form programs that were introduced in December of 2008. They do not seem to be gaining traction from a subscriber standpoint that I need to balance the increased cost and effort of production.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-09 No Fatal Error, but a Miss
February 10, 2009

Google missed the opportunity to purchase Summize and complete the search of the "Now" web

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-06 CNN's Peer to Peer Network
February 06, 2009

CNN extended their Inauguration Day live coverage with a P2P client that has a EULA many are calling abusive.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-05 More Than a Recession
February 05, 2009

Tom Peters writes that the current economic crisis is a recalibration of the entire business system - and it is evident in the content that is in the news stream.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-04 Converting to E-Books
February 04, 2009

Wifi is extremely popular but ebooks have had a rough start. The conclusion - ebooks will gain traction as a new generation comes into the workforce.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-03 Smokin/ Netbooks
February 03, 2009

AT&T has the idea that netbooks can be sold for $99 with a two year contract and wireless plan neglects three factors.

SDRNewsHL SDR2009-02-02 Googleclypse
February 02, 2009

The outage at Google would be much more severe if it were not so easily detected, but put out bad information intermittently. Add to that the growing importance of social network information, and the potential for severe negative impact on the economy is