#049: Tax Reform, Lobbyists, and

December 05, 2017

Episode 49

Why did this tax reform bill happen? What do lobbyists do? And how does want to fix the problem?

The tax reform bill making its way through the house and senate is filled with policies that benefit the rich — like formalizing the ability to write off personal jet expenses while students may have to pay income tax on their scholarships. A lot of the legislation in it is because of lobbyists.

What do lobbyists do, exactly?

Lobbyists petition the government on behalf of special interests. They educate elected officials on key issues. And they’re protected by the constitution. That sounds like a good thing. Why are lobbyists so gross and associated with corruption? They have outsized influence. Only the rich can afford them and get true representation.

How does it affect you? What can you do about it?

Short answer? Check out Shorter answer? Listen.


  • Why does this Tax Reform Bill exist? [1:09]
  • What do lobbyists do and why is it legal? [2:40]
  • Squire Patton Boggs [4:20]
  • Amit Thakkar [7:10]
  • [11:45]
  • How works [13:00]
  • What makes Lawmaker different? [15:30]
  • Councilman David Ryu's Lawmaker Challenge [19:00]
  • How do you get people to believe their vote matters [20:00]


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