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EP 162 - God is NOT in Control - 1/13/19
January 14, 2019

A History with God Ministries and the Who's Your Daddy GODcast Network was blessed by having Sir Ian McKellen record our 2019 podcast intro. Thank you, Sir Ian! All too often when there is news of a tragedy, such as a mass shooting or a child suffering fr

EP 161 - Live in the 7th day and don't forget your liver - Q&A November 2018 - 11/11/18
November 11, 2018

This episode is the Mailbag for November 2018 and has Frank and Christina answering YOUR questions and responding to YOUR comments! Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitte

EP 160 - Sinner Freedom: Q&A October 2018 - 10/14/18
October 14, 2018

This episode is the Mailbag for October 2018 and has Frank and Christina answering YOUR questions and responding to YOUR comments! Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/a

EP 159 - Righteous Revolution - 9/16/18
September 16, 2018

Frank challenges you to take you position in the Righteous Revolution because, believe it or not, YOU'RE IN ONE! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistoryWithGodYouTube:&nb

EP 158 - Finding Your Purpose - 9/9/2018
September 09, 2018

Christina helps you find your purpose this week with practical and imaginative ways! Let us know what you experience using Christina's purpose finding tips! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter:

EP 157 - The Numbers Game : Q&A September 2018
September 03, 2018

It's THAT time again. The episode that features YOU, the listener, The GODcast Q&A! Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistoryWithGodYouTube:&nbs

EP 156 - Q&A for June and July 2018 - 8/12/18
August 17, 2018

Frank and Christina answer YOUR questions in this Double Q&A episode! Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click to Listen Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistoryWithGodYouTube: YouTube.com/u

EP 155 - You Are The Righteousness Of God - 7/22/18
July 22, 2018

Christina breaks down Scripture into bite-sized pieces so you can get a grip on what it means to be the Righteousness of God! Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click to Listen Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Tw

EP 154 - Expansion: Part I - 5/13/18
May 13, 2018

One word. That's all Frank asked the Lord for in prayer. One word. "Expansion" was the reply. Get this episode into your heart and head and DO IT. Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click here to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com

EP 153 - Mr. Frog's Office: Q&A May 2018 - 5/6/18
May 07, 2018

It's that time again. The episode where Frank and Christina read your mail!! Enjoy and Stay BLESSED! Click here to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistoryWithGodYouTube:&nbsp