Who's Your Daddy GODcast

Who's Your Daddy GODcast

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Thanksgiving 2020!
November 24, 2020

Frank and Christina give you their best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and have a special announcement!Click here to listen. Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistoryWithGodYouT

Ep 176 - Do not fear!
March 21, 2020

Frank and Christina discuss the importance of not acting in fear NO MATTER WHAT the world and the enemy may bring into your life! Click here to listen. Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHis

EP 170 - The Truth About Healing or "Should I Go To The Doctor?" - 8/18/19
August 18, 2019

This week's episode is ALL about how healing works. It answers the question, "Why do some people get healed and others don't?" Frank and Christina also shed light on the whole issue of going to the doctor. Is it okay to go to the doctor if I'm a Christian

EP 169 - Book Review: The Jesus Experience - 5/26/19
May 26, 2019

A Podcast First! The Who's Your Daddy Book Review! Frank reviews the book, "The Jesus Experience" by Bill Myers. This might just be a new segment on the show. Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryW

EP 168 - Friends - 5/19/19
May 19, 2019

In this BEST OF episode, Frank shares on what it really means to be a friend. It's a shorter message than usual, but is still a very strong one. Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter:&nbsp

EP 167 - Fear & Trembling - 5/12/19
May 12, 2019

Christina follows up with a sort of sequel from her "Latter Rain" episode. She also shares a conversation she had with another believer concerning what "working out your salvation with fear and trembling" actually means... Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site:&nb

EP 166 - Posh Lovers? Q&A May 2019 - 5/5/19
May 05, 2019

Frank and Christina answers your questions and read your mail in this monthly segment entitled "The GODcast Q&A"... Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHistor

EP 165 - The Latter Rain - 4/28/19
April 28, 2019

Christina gives an incredible teaching on "The Latter Rain". Due to a minor glitch in technology, the audio from 13:44 to 15:31 is a bit muffled. We did our best to correct it. Thank you for understanding and stay BLESSED! Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site:&nb

EP 164 - Easter Episode - 4/21/19
April 21, 2019

Frank and Christina talk about the parallels of Passover and Jesus as well as issue a challenge to the listeners (Podcastia)! Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/aHistoryWithGodTwitter: Twitter.com/aHisto

EP 163 - Christina's 2019 Thailand Trip Report - 3/31/19
April 01, 2019

After 2 weeks in Thailand without Frank, Christina returns to share the exploits of her trip. Remember, in a crowded room of unbelievers, you and God are a majority.  Enjoy! Click to Listen! Site: aHistoryWithGod.orgFacebook: Facebook.com/a