Rolling Stoned

Rolling Stoned

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202 The Mad Cow Zombie Crisis of '96
March 28, 2020

Sketch is back to the grind at USPUSS and today he's working a different route than usual, covering for a coworker that's sick. Everything is going pretty normal besides a bizarre encounter a frisky older couple. They just want Sketch to bring some evicti

201 January 2, 2004 - The Sequel Prequel
January 20, 2020

This New Year was pretty uneventful for Ken & Sketch compared to the previous one, but while finishing off a special second generation New Year's blunt, Sketch got to thinking...whatever happened at last year's New Year party at P-Dawgs...and did he s

123 The Rolling Stoned Christmas Special! (featuring Mr Krimson)
December 24, 2019

It's the Rolling Stoned Christmas special and season finale extravaganza! Twas an average day for Sketch, making deliveries and picking up packages, when along came a package, but human it was. His clothes were all dashing and the deepest of reds. "My nam

122 Starwoman: The Revengening Part 2 [Death to Smoochy]
December 13, 2019

The interstate revenge spree continues, as Starwoman works her way down the revenge list, and everyone is going to get their hands dirty. After swiftly disposing of Bong-water Man, they are off to enact vengeance on some really bad dudes, definitely the w

121 Starwoman: The Revengening Part 1
December 02, 2019

Ken finally wakes up from his several week coma in the back of the USPUSS truck only to get ambushed by none other than... those Goddamned treehouse kids Timmy and Billy. But they aren't here on their normal shenanigans. In fact, they have found a new mas

120 Kompletely Great Broadband (KGB)
November 10, 2019

It's just another Tuesday, and Sketch is trying to finish a DVD when he's encountered by a man outside, with a "package" from the motherland! It's called Kompletely Great Broadband and Marv & his Russian cousin, Milosh have apparently been sent to ins

119 Late Night with Sketch
October 15, 2019

Sketch is amped up and ready to show the bosses the tape of the talk show that they insisted that he made last week. He was a little confused when they told him "If you're going to be around USPUSS a while, we're going to give you more responsibilities,"

118 Moongate: Pizza'tlantis
September 18, 2019

Ken & Age have come down with something after eating entirely too much guacamole, leaving Sketch to do the route alone. While griping to himself about his woes while looking for the new snack machine, he gets a little bit turned around and winds up in

117 Reconstruction
August 07, 2019

Freshly back from vacation, Ken and Sketch are stopping by USPUSS to check out the progress on the reconstruction of the break room. There, they meet Notch, a second generation construction worker who is an expert digger and has an extraordinarily square

116 Engine Troubles, Goin' Fishin', and Arts & Crafts with Edward Gene
July 19, 2019

Age and Sketch are taking a much needed vacation with all the PTO (paid time off, can you believe that?) they were given while the USPUSS facility is rebuilt. The plan is to go visit Sketch's family in the UP, which is like Canada, but not actually Canada