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Loss, and Getting Up Again
December 10, 2023

Mary Hayes Grieco is back with you again, in this new solo era of The Rise and Thrive Podcast. Today Mary reads two essays from her perennial book, The New Kitchen Mystic: "Loss" and "Getting Up Again

And Then She Went Home
September 25, 2023

This is a story that Mary tells from her recent experience with opening her heart to a homeless woman. Choke-up Alert! This is a sweet and sad story - enter in with your own brave and kind heart.

Here comes the new season of the Rise and Thrive Podcast!
September 25, 2023

Hey, we're back! Well, um, we mean - Mary's back, flying solo this season because Erin is busy in her new leadership role at MPR News. Say hello to Mary Hayes Grieco again as she invites y

Modern Psychology – A Field on a Journey with Darla K. McEnroe, LMSW, NBCC
July 31, 2022

We continue exploring the explosive new growth in modern psychology, as Mary jams with Darla McEnroe, a busy therapist. Darla employs a number of new growth technologies with people in her busy practi

Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 3 – Greeting the Friendly Unknown
July 23, 2022

In this episode, Mary and Erin discuss the ways that we re-set our attitude in the long weird times we're in. Take comfort from some of the best ideas from Eckhart Tolle's work, A New Earth, which exp

Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 2 – Masters and Morons
July 17, 2022

During the height of the pandemic, Erin and Mary both had uncomfortable encounters with "people who are not doing that well." Friends, family, strangers - how do you handle it when someone nearby you

Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 1 – Companions in the Uncertainty of Now
July 10, 2022

The pandemic is waning risingchanging? We don't know anymore, but we do know that with all the pandemic debris still around, and with world situations quite chaotic and worrisome, times are weird an

Exploring the Promise of True Freedom
July 03, 2022

What is true freedom? As Mary and Erin tell it, the healing experience of forgiveness delivers the promise of freedom because freedom is an inside job. You become free, as you dissolve the heavy weigh

Modern Psychology: A Field on a Journey – with Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D.
June 25, 2022

Since the pandemic and the upsets of 2020, the word "trauma" has found a foothold in many conversations, and we see today that mental health issues abound all around us. Many people are seeking therap

Julie’s Forgiveness Story: Healing the Pain and Rage of a Cheating Spouse
June 15, 2022

Erin and Mary are joined this week by Julie, a dedicated forgiveness student who swiftly transformed her misery about the surprise revelation that her husband had been having an affair for a full year