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RIEGL RiCAST- “VMX: 10 Years of Success: Expanding the Capabilities”
October 29, 2020

Bret Bienkowski, Tetra Tech In this edition of the RIEGL RiCAST, we are joined by two mobile scanning pros for the latest episode of  “VMX: 10 Years of Success”: Joshua France with RIEGL USA and Bret Bienkowski with Tetra Tech.Mr.

RIEGL LiDAR in Airport Applications: LiDAR de RIEGL en Aplicaciones Aeroportuarias
October 22, 2020

English: On today’s RiCAST, Claudio Avello, RIEGL USA’s South American Partner Development Manager, chats with Salvador Primo, General Director of GTBi. GTBi is dedicated to pre-sale, sale, installation,

RIEGL RiCAST: RIEGL is Here! INTERGEO Digital 2020
October 08, 2020

It’s that time of year again! Join us for RIEGL’s latest RiCAST where we discuss one of the industry’s largest conferences of the year, INTERGEO 2020, which is going virtual! This episode of RIEGL’s RiCAST “RIEGL is Here!

RIEGL RiCAST- “VMX: 10 Years of Success”: A Closer Look at Getting the Work Done with the VMQ-1HA
October 01, 2020

Tim Platz, Vice President and SurveyDepartmnet Director at Fishbeck Welcome to the latest episode of the RIEGL RiCAST, which is the next installation of Joshua France’s “VMX: 10 Years of Success” series with Tim Platz,

RIEGL RiCAST: Die 3D-Vermessung des Wiener Stephansdoms (German) 3D Surveying of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral Vienna
September 24, 2020

Nikolaus StudnickaRIEGL Business Division ManagerTerrestrial Laser Scanning Franz ZehetnerArchivar der Dombauhütte St. Stephan Archivist of the Dombauhütte St. Stephan English Description: This German language RiCAST will discuss what RIE...

RiCAST: Artificial Intelligence: A Geospatial Revolution!
September 17, 2020

Nick Ferguson, VP Strategy & BD In today’s installment of the RIEGL RiCAST, we are joined by Michael Sitar, RIEGL USA’s Executive Management Consultant, along with Nick Ferguson, VP of Strategy & BD from Enview Inc. Enview Inc.

RIEGL RiCAST: Sao Paulo Forestry Restoration Project
September 10, 2020

Miguel Gerardo Vazquez, Metro Cubico Engenharia English Description:Claudio Avello, South America Partner Development Manager for RIEGL USA, talks with Miguel Gerardo Vazquez, the Director of the Brazilian offices for Metro Cubico Engenharia.

“VMX: 10 Years of Success”: How the West was Surveyed, an Interview with Early Adopter and Surveyor, Clay Wygant
September 03, 2020

Clay Wygant, Maser Consulting Welcome to our latest episode of “VMX: 10 Years of Success” featuring RIEGL USA’s Mobile Segment Manager, Joshua France. In this RiCAST, we are joined with Clay Wygant from Maser Consulting.

UAV Partner Spotlight: Shining the Light into the OEM Partnership with LiDARUSA
August 27, 2020

Jeff Fagerman, LiDARUSA For today’s RiCAST, we are joined by RIEGL USA’s My-Linh Truong, ULS / UAS Business Segment Manager, as she leads a discussion with one of our OEM Partners, Jeff Fagerman from LiDARUSA.

Features and Benefits of RIEGL’s VQ-1560 II Wide Area Mapping Sensor
August 20, 2020

Today, we have an interesting RiCAST ready for all our current or potential future airborne users. RIEGL’s Michael Sitar, Executive Management Consultant, does an overview of one of our newest and innovative airborne scanning systems; the VQ-1560 II...