Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify

Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify

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Why and How to Design an Actionable Account Planning Program
October 25, 2019

Patrick Morrissey, General Manager of Altify, and host of Revenue Optimization Radio tackles why and how B2B companies need an account planning program.  Morrissey quotes a McKinsey & Company five-year study that looked at annual growth rates and total ..

Cracking the Code on Content and Customer Experience
October 24, 2019

The rise of the empowered customer and expectation of great buyer experiences has changed the way that leading B2B companies go to market. And it’s driven an explosion of content. The challenge for many organizations is how to craft a content strategy a..

Lance Walter: Sales and Marketing Alignment is Easier than You Think
October 10, 2019

Lance Walter, CMO of Neo4J, walks us through the difference between hearing and listening, as well as how sales and marketing can actually integrate with a lot of success in an organization. The code is right in front of you. Get ready to shake up how y..

Category Creation – A Strategy for Competitive Advantage
October 02, 2019

How to build market share and dominate a market? One of the critical components to building a differentiated long term value proposition and brand is to create and own your own category – and own it. In this episode, we speak with Positive CEO and categ..

How to Build the Next Generation of Sales Leaders
September 24, 2019

As more and more sales leaders are looking to build their next-generation of B2B sales leaders vs. recruit outside high priced talent, it raises the question of what’s required to build and grow a sustainable sales education program. To get the inside s..

The Empathy Edge: How Empathy Drives Business Results
September 19, 2019

What if the competitive advantage for your team is no in your technology or product, but already exists in your people? We’re talking about the power of empathy as the key to personal and business success. In this episode, we talk to Maria Ross about he..

Barriers to Great Sales Communication - Bronwyn Saglimbeni
September 11, 2019

One of the most sought after skills for sales leaders is strong communication, yet most sales leaders and salespeople have never been trained on how to communicate effectively. In part 2 of this interview with communications expert and coach Bronwyn Sag..

Secrets to Creating a Great Presentation
September 04, 2019

Want to know the inside scoop on how to create a TED Talk. It turns out, one of the secrets for TED speakers is to try NOT to give a TED talk, and instead, create a moment. To find out the secret on how to give a great presentation – whether it be at a ..

Building the Next Generation of Women in Revenue Leadership
September 04, 2019

What makes a great leader?  How can you develop and accelerate leadership for women across the revenue team in sales ops, sales, marketing and more? This week we interview Melissa Church, Executive Director at UnitedHealth Group to dig to better underst..

Making the jump from sales enablement to revenue acceleration
August 21, 2019

How do the best companies in B2B scale and empower their teams to have the right discussions and what does good look like in enterprise B2B sales? To get the answers we turn to this week’s guest, Doug Landis, growth partner at Emergence Capital. Doug is..