Rehab Within Reach Podcast

Rehab Within Reach Podcast

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The Medical Paradigm
April 20, 2022

Happy Episode 19! Sara and Chrissy candidly talk about the medical paradigm where opposing forces can make critical thinking based decisions more difficult. They also discussed being open about our bi

What is Mental Fortitude? Part 2
April 04, 2022

Happy Episode 18! Sara, Shona, and Chrissy come together again to dive deeper into mental fortitude and talk about their own experiences where having mental toughness was the only thing that was keepi

What is Mental Fortitude? Part 1
March 24, 2022

Happy Episode 17! This is a tough one but so so necessary. Drs. Sara, Chrissy, and Shona take a deep dive into defining what is mental fortitude and how we can begin the process to achieve change. Due

Casual Updates and Check Ins #2
March 07, 2022

Happy Episode 16! Today, Sara and Chrissy are having another casual conversation surrounding three “ice breaker” questions that hit a little deeper. Topics include:

Trying to Sleep While in Pain
February 21, 2022

Here it is, episode 15! Today, Dr. Sara and Dr. Chrissy continue our discussion regarding optimal sleep and pain. There are pretty heavy hitting topics in this episode, even in the first 5 minutes, so

How’s Your Sleep Been Lately?
February 07, 2022

Cheers to episode 14! Today, Shona, Sara, and Chrissy talk about how their sleep is going currently and how it has evolved throughout their adult years. We kept this episode casual like our last one a

Casual Check In and Updates
January 27, 2022

We are in love with this episode! We went in a different direction this week to have more of a casual check in instead of focusing on hard topics. Dr. Sara Nelson and Dr. Chrissy Clark talk about:

Lets Talk About Prolapse
January 10, 2022

And here is episode 12, Lets Talk About Prolapse. This is the first episode for Shona since giving birth! So you will hear lots of baby noises during the podcast

All Things Perimenopause
December 27, 2021

We are finishing our 2021 with a discussion surrounding perimenopause! In our 11th episode from the Rehab Within Reach Podcast, Dr. Sara Nelson, PT, DPT and Dr. Chrissy Clark, PT, DPT discuss:

Your Pelvic Floor and the Holidays
December 20, 2021

We have reached our 10th episode! We are so excited to continue the podcast and be able to connect with others on a deeper level than just sending emails or writing Instagram posts. This week, Dr. Sar