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The Regenerate Podcast

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RGR-POD-090: Untitled Promo Mix – Mixed by Gigantic Techno Cats from Saturn
May 01, 2020 Well hello London, and hello world. It's episode 90 for the regenerate podcast, with me Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. We're finally starting to see episode 100 on the radar. It's only taken us 17 years.

RGR-POD-089: Breaks – Mixed by Burns
April 01, 2020 Hello hello, it’s me Phil Wilshaw, back once for the renegade master, d4 damager with another episode of the regenerate podcast. Power to the people! - What throwback intro for a throwback episode.

RGR-POD-088: March 2020 Tech House Promo – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
March 05, 2020 Hello one and all from me Phil Wilshaw and all of regenerate to you, all of our amazing listeners. Welcome back to our podcast where, each month we take out the techno knife and cut you a slice of the biggest tracks stuck on t...

RGR-POD-087: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 10) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
February 09, 2020 Hello and welcome to this month’s regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, head honcho at Regenerate at one of the six residents that makes up the highly talented, and highly good looking, Phoenix 6. -

RGR-POD-086: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 9) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
January 08, 2020 Hello and welcome to this month’s regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, team captain of Regenerate and Phoenix 6. - Today is Episode 86, and you can catch the other 85 over at regeneratemusic.

RGR-POD-085: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 8) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
December 30, 2019 - Hello, and happy christmas, from me, Phil Wilshaw and all the team at Regenerate. Today is episode 85, our last one of 2019. We're a bit later than usual unfortunately as i was busy cooking the christmas dinner for our number...

RGR-POD-084: Stompers – Mixed by Liam Fitzpatrick
November 10, 2019 - Hello again and welcome to the Regenerate Podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6. This is Episode 84, and i'm feeling good, because it's our tenth mix of the year - and the last time we managed that was all the way bac...

October 01, 2019 Hello again one and all! I'm back in London, and the days are shorter, nights are colder, summer is definitely completely over, so we at Phoenix 6 have gotten together to bring you episode 83 of the regenerate podcast to put a ...

RGR-POD-082: SEPTEMBER 2019 TECH HOUSE PROMO – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw
September 22, 2019 - Well a belated hello to you all! Apologies, for running a bit late this month, because ive been watching the waves in Bali, and i didn't manage to get this mix out before i went. My name is Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6,

RGR-POD-081: August 2019 Promo – Mixed by Liam Fitzpatrick
August 14, 2019 Well hello summer, hello London, and indeed hello World! This is Phil Wilshaw from Phoenix 6, bringing you episode 81 of the regenerate podcast from our studio near the thames. If this is your first time joining us,