The Regenerate Podcast

The Regenerate Podcast

RGR-POD-087: Pool Bar Sessions (Part 10) – Mixed by Phil Wilshaw

February 09, 2020
Hello and welcome to this month’s regenerate podcast, with me, Phil Wilshaw, head honcho at Regenerate at one of the six residents that makes up the highly talented, and highly good looking, Phoenix 6.

Today is Episode 87 on our never ending tour of all things house and techno. Turning the dials and flicking the switches today is the most talented and best looking member of Phoenix 6 - me.

You’ll remember that last month we said that we’d be flowing straight on from part 9 to part 10 of the pool bar sessions - my infrequent series of sun kissed house to wave your feet to while you hang them off a sun lounger. That’s exactly what’s happening.

You might argue it’s the wrong time of year for it, but i don’t care. it’s always summer somewhere, so get out the towel and the sunglasses - i’ll see you by the pool.

1. Luna Loops - Amanda (Original Mix)
2. Krippsoulisc - Do for Me (Original Mix)
3. ENAKEI - Lullaby (Original Mix)
4. Sawa Angstrom - Focus (Original Mix)
5. ALENA POL' & ASK TRIO - April in Paris (Cover)
6. Matthew Halsall - Reflections (Original Mix)
7. Mario Pinosa Trio - Vientos de Libertad (Original Mix)
8. Leaking Shell - Fresh (Original Mix)
9. Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra - Jamileh (Original Mix)
10. Lorenzo Dada, Fete - Don't Argue (Ambient Mix)
11. Chill Groovers, Fata - Showell feat. Fata (North Soul Mix)
12. Rousing House - Mighty (Original mix)
13. Abc Dialect - Magic (LEFTI Remix)
14. DaDa Sound Project - Suenos del Sol (Soulful Remix)
15. Kellie Sakkaku - Mombassa Groove (ZebraCak3 Remix)
16. proctor - 80S (Original Mix)
17. KLP - Avalanche (Original Mix)
18. DJ Aristocrat, T.Say - Don't U Wanna (Ballester Remix)
19. Sombra Modos - Preferentemente (Original Mix)