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Scotland's Forgotten History Podcast

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Freedom and Faithfulness? – George Johnstone of Newbattle – SFH102
November 03, 2021

Could this Covenanters cave in Newbattle near Dalkeith have been a hiding place for the local minister George Johnstone? Who was Johnstone and why was he wanted by the government? We learn much about

Explaining the International Covenant – SFH101
October 07, 2021

What exactly was the Solemn League and Covenant all about? Many people were asking this at the time of course. And some tried to help them with published explanations. In this episode we get an overview of the International Covenant and how it was applied

“Honest Mr William Erskine” – Tron Church, Edinburgh – SFH100
September 30, 2021

Imprisoned (as he put it himself) “merely for preaching the Gospel, as he had received power from Christ”, William Erskine would certainly preach again to the benefit of many. His cousins Ralph and Ebenezer are better known but the little we can learn abo

“So great an engagement, than which nothing is higher”: The International Covenant in England – SFH099
September 23, 2021

The International Covenant was enthusiastically welcomed and subscribed to in England as well as Scotland. The momentous day it was sworn first, 25 September 1643 was said to be "a day of contentment and joy." Some said, "we judged the day of entering int

“Smoking Desires for Union” – The International Covenant at St Giles – SFH098
September 15, 2021

Intense emotion surrounded the beginnings of the movement that brought about the Solemn, League and Covenant. It was an international covenant that embraced the political, religious and personal of these nations - a very unique thing. In this episode, we

“A Man of Many Meditations” – John Carstairs – SFH097
September 03, 2021

We conclude the life of John Carstairs (or Carstares), this remarkable story is not often told. He was not just a man of prayer but also "a man of many meditations". Also "of great and rare piety; he was full of love; he dwelt, walked, and lived in that f

Escaping from Prison – Canongate Tolbooth – SFH096
August 26, 2021

Many Covenanter prisoners were kept in the fearful conditions of the Canongate Tolbooth. Anyone would want to escape, and more than a few Covenanter prisoners actually managed to gain their freedom. We find out more about that in this episode but also loo

“Such a wife, such a friend, such a counsellor” – Janet Carstairs – SFH095
August 19, 2021

What was it like to be married to a persecuted minister? Did the trials put a strain on relationships? We find out first hand from the letters that passed between Janet and John Carstairs (sometimes C

“O what a glory appears here!” – John Carstairs’ Revival Experiences – SFH094
July 28, 2021

Revival came on two different occasions in the 1650s in the same area by the same preacher. Samuel Rutherford said that John Carstairs had "much of heaven in his bosom". We find out more about the pra

“A friend to Reformation” – Archibald Campbell – SFH093
July 15, 2021

Archibald Campbell's portrait seems stern and forbidding at first glance, but there is an unfortunate reason for that. And as we discover more of the life and words of the Marquis of Argyle it is clea