Scotland's Forgotten History Podcast

Scotland's Forgotten History Podcast

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“One of the old sufferers”: William Reid, Dunning – SFH112
March 17, 2022

Why did William Reid promise to give himself up to the authorities as a wanted field preacher? And why did he once preach in church with a loaded pistol hung around his neck? There are other stories of narrow escapes even in his death when he escaped the

“The off-scourings of all things, yet…precious”: Alexander Pitcairn, Dron – SFH111
March 11, 2022

People suffered a lot for attending the preaching of Alexander Pitcairn. For many years he continued to minister near Perth without compromise or capture. We find out how. Returning again to Dron near

“No more night nor darkness”: John Welwood, Dron – SFH110
March 04, 2022

We explore the story behind a secret burial at dead of night.  The deceased young man was only 30 years old but his brief life is worth remembering and some of his dying words retain a unique power. I

“Constant in the truth”: Archibald Simson of Dalkeith – SFH108
January 28, 2022

How did hissing pupils lead their teacher to discover Reformation teaching? And how did the number 7 feature in the life and ministry of Archibald Simson of Dalkeith? We explore his imprisonment and a

To be “weighed and laid to heart” – John Sinclair and the Ormiston Covenant – SFH107
January 13, 2022

We conclude our series about the Solemn League and Covenant in Ormiston and we discover how and why the international covenant made an international journey from here. What abiding significance did th

What Made the Solemn League and Covenant Solemn? – Aberlady – SFH106
December 09, 2021

The renewing of the Solemn League and Covenant at Aberlady, East Lothian in 1648 gives us the opportunity to consider the international covenant further. The General Assembly had published A Solemn Acknowledgement of Public Sin and Breaches of the Covenan

Conversations that Still Endure – Necropolis, Glasgow – SFH105
December 03, 2021

More than 370 years ago two men were in deep conversation as they walked on the hill now known as the Necropolis in Glasgow. The impact of those deliberations still endures in a publication that they

Covenant Close and the International Covenant – The Royal Mile, Edinburgh – SFH104
November 17, 2021

The Royal Mile was the trunk of Old Edinburgh with a large number of small alleyways called closes, courts or wynds branching off on each side. Most of the alleyways are called “closes” which tend to

Newbattle Abbey and the International Covenant – Lothian Burial Ground, Newbattle Abbey – SFH103
November 11, 2021

You would never realise that this neglected spot within the grounds of Newbattle Abbey witnessed considerable events of such historical significance. Our story weaves around Robert Leighton and the le