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Real Life Diabetes

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#112: Insulin Pump Therapy Leaders | Defining Progress in Daily Diabetes Management, Part #1
November 10, 2021

The world of diabetes management is growing at an expeditiousrate, so how do we define progress in this space? Great question, and one I couldnt resolve myself so I brought in past podcast guest and

#111: Madison Thorn | “Sacrifice the Weak, Re-open Tennessee”
October 27, 2021

Its time to get rid of the word weak when talking about people navigating chronic illnesses. In reality, we are some of the strong, unique and resilient people in the world, and Madison Thorn is sp

#110: Ginger Vieira | Avoiding the Self Pity Track
October 17, 2021

Ginger Vieira learned quickly that it turns out there is a whole lot you can still do even while dealing with diabetes when you approach yourself kindly rather than getting stuck in self pity. She is

#109: Charles Mattocks | Slow Down the Forward Progress
September 22, 2021

When Charles Mattocks was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he was given little to no education on how to manage this disease so he took matters into his own hands. After getting his own health back on

#108: Kayla Mattingly | We Don’t Need a New PlayStation, We Need a Solution
August 26, 2021

People living with diabetes dont just need the latest and greatest tech, they need real solutions to unique problems! Kayla Mattingly always knew she wanted 3-4 kids from thestart, but never imagine

#107: Kristina Loskarjova | Sometimes You Just Have to Step Back
August 18, 2021

To all those who need to hear this yes you can! This is the lifelong motto of Kristina Loskarjova, a woman who sets her mind to something and makes it happen while living her best life with T1D. She

#106: Tim White | Diabetes Might Have Put Us on the Defensive
July 28, 2021

While getting the diabetes diagnosis tends to put us on the back foot, we can choose to deal with it and refuse to let it define us. Tim White is a diabetes veteran who has been managing his diabetes

#105: Jermaine Hargrove | Type 1 Diabetes is a Family Affair
July 03, 2021

What does someone who was thrust into the world of diabetes with no preparation do? They make animations of course! Jermaine Hargrove is the co-founder of Small Town Animation Studios, where he and hi

#104: Bridget McNulty | The Advocacy Sweet Life
June 03, 2021

Im fascinated with diabetes care and advocacy efforts in other countries so I was thrilled to connect with Bridget, a fellow T1D making waves in South African healthcare. She goes above and beyond to

#103: Red Maxwell & Dr. Jim Malone | MDI Therapy That’s Got Your Back
May 12, 2021

As someone who uses MDI therapy to manage my Type 1 diabetes, it was a no brainer to jump on this episode. On May 10th, 2021, the FDA gave clearance for the first-of-its-kind smart pen caps for insuli