Real Life Diabetes

Real Life Diabetes

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#126: Lisa Hepner | The Human Trial
October 25, 2022

In June 2022, The Human Trial documentary film was released by writer and director, Lisa Hepner who was given unprecedented access to participants in the sixth ever embryonic stem cell trial in the wo

#125: Chad T. Lewis | Doing Diabetes Differently
October 06, 2022

Chad T. Lewis new book, Doing Diabetes Differently: Empower a Healthier You, breaks the mold of traditional diabetes care. In this episode, Lewis touches on his Type 1 diabetes journey and thoughts

#124: Nupur Lalvani | We’re All Sailing in the Same Boat
September 14, 2022

Can you imagine black ants being attracted to sugar as part of your diagnosis story? Well, todays guest, Nupur Lalvani shares her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and everything she has going on in her very

#123: Patricia Daiker | What Are You Willing to Do Today?
August 24, 2022

Seeing diabetes every day can develop denial and avoidance of the disease. In this episode, Patricia shares her journey to compassion for herself and other people living with this disease. She explain

#122: Qiana Drew | You’re Really Only as Strong as Your Foundation
August 04, 2022

If you can name it, you can tame it! In this episode, Qiana Drew clears up some misconceptions and shares how, when it came to her diabetes, she would often do things to try and keep up with her thin

#121: Ermo Egberts | Taking Radical Ownership of Your Health
July 25, 2022

I knew Ermo Egberts would be the perfect guest after reading his post about attending an ecstatic dance party where he connected with others on a spiritual level. Ermos story is a testament to the po

Podcast #120: Azure Wolfe | Loving the Skin We’re In
July 15, 2022

Every change that our body experiences as we age is connected to hormones, and should not be neglected. In this episode we discuss the changes our T1D bodies are experiencing in our forties. Azure als

Podcast #119: Naomi Kinnamon | Type 1 of a Kind – A Girl Needs Pockets
May 28, 2022

You might think fashion is the last thing people living with diabetes have on their mind, but in reality, PWDs could benefit a great deal from clothing that is designed with both utility and style in

Podcast #118: Noah Averbach-Katz | Searching for a Cache of Insulin Before It’s Too Late
April 29, 2022

Noah Averbach-Katz blew the doors off a recent Kickstarter campaign for a film that just began production. I believe his experience with live theater AND as a professional actor gave him the upper han

#117: Kalex Williams | You Look Fine, Come Back on Monday
March 23, 2022

Isnt it time to start injecting some much-needed diabetes humor to cut through the doom and gloom we face? Kalex Williams is a master at extracting positivity and he has to be one of the coolest peop