Real Life Diabetes

Real Life Diabetes

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#137: Reverend Mireya Martinez | I’m All About Being Real
April 04, 2023

Reverend Mireya Martinez was a panelist on the Crushing: The Burden of Diabetes on Patients session during SXSW in Austin, Texas where she dominated the conversation in my opinion. In this episode we

#136: Sarah Petti | The Lane Was Really Chosen for Me
March 16, 2023

Sarah Petti is back on the show and her life has drastically changed since her last appearance three years ago. In this episode we discuss T1D pregnancy, body image and whats new in her very active l

#135: Rachael Dyer & Scott Alexander Ruderman | Pay or Die
March 01, 2023

Rachael Dyer and Scott Alexander Ruderman are the directors of Pay or Die, a feature documentary that provides an inside look at how the soaring price of insulin in America is threatening, if not dead

#134: Serena Valentine | The Change We Want to See Starts With Us
February 21, 2023

Serena Valentine, was misdiagnosed withType 1 diabetes in her twenties. This misdiagnosis is one of the many reasons she is apassionate advocate for health equity, eye health and diabetes education.

#133: Thapi Semenya | I Need to Take Myself Seriously
February 09, 2023

Thapi Semenya is in her final year of law school, is an IDF Young Leader in Diabetes Trainee, a Dedoc voice, a professional advisor for the Luna Project UK and a strong diabetesadvocate. We connected

#132: Lauren Cox | A Totally Different Ball Game
January 30, 2023

Lauren Cox, the first ever WNBA player living with Type 1 diabetes, did not let a T1D diagnosis at an early age keep her from reaching personal and professional goals. In this episode we discuss her d

#131: Jessica Landon | Embracing the New Normal
January 20, 2023

Jessica Landon, like many T1D parents, is doing her best to put a positive spin on the new normal life she and her family are living. In this episode we discuss how and why her family celebrate Lind

#130: Justin Eastzer | The Burning Man Experience
December 26, 2022

As we roll into the New Year, Im reminded how living with Type 1 diabetes can make things a little challenging at times. In this episode, Justin shares how he wasnt going to let his new diagnosis ke

#129: Valerie Cantella | The Gift of Good Enough
December 14, 2022

Valerie Cantellas message, recovering perfectionist, resonates with me on SO many levels. In this episode we discuss how different phases of her life and diabetes management helped her recognize and

#128: Rachael Jacques | Did COVID Kick Her Dormant Diabetes into Action?
November 30, 2022

The connection between COVID and diabetes has been all over the news, but I hadnt met anyone who can speak to this until interviewing Racheal Jacques. In this episode we discuss her family history of