Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

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Building Wealth Through Self Storage Investing
September 13, 2021

Fernando Angelucci has over $50 MM in self-storage properties. He explains why he prefers self-storage over other REI strategies, reveals how his self-storage investments performed during the recessio

Use Other People’s Money to Create Wealth
September 10, 2021

Sam Primm is the perfect example of how to use Other People’s Money (OPM) to build your real estate empire. You can’t build wealth by saving money; you have to take action and do something. Using Othe

Launching a Wholesaling Real Estate Franchise
August 29, 2021

Having trouble organizing your real estate wholesaling business? Let Joe Homebuyer do it for you! This franchise has everything to get you started – processes, how to make offers, closing procedures,

Private Money Lending (Don’t Get Scammed!)
August 19, 2021

Finding private money is a key for building your wholesale, fix and flip, or buy and hold business. Blake Selby explains how to avoid bad lending deals, identify brokers vs. direct lenders, the pro’s

August 12, 2021

Would you quit your job if you could triple your money in one year? Ryan Weimer did! And we’re talking tripling profits, not just gross revenue. Working remotely from San Diego, Ryan wholesales in Boi

August 05, 2021

Brent Bowers lives life on his own terms while his wholesale land company cranks out passive income for him. Learn why owning land is a no competition business with less work involved by you. Now you,

Wholesale Apartments Just Like Houses
July 29, 2021

Having $0.32 in your account and two years later owning $50 million and 690 units is quite the improvement. Impossible? Don’t say that to Javier Hinojo – he did it! Find out how you can wholesale apar

July 21, 2021

Turn assets you already own into profits! Don’t throw out those dead leads, convert them into closed deals with Chris Craddock’s advice. Share this with someone who would value this information. Turn

Flipping Texas (Houses) with 5 Kids
July 07, 2021

Don’t mess with Melissa! Flipping houses in Texas is definitely the big time, just like everything else in the Lone Star State. Melissa Johnson has rehabbed and flipped over 1,000 houses since 2003, a

Raise More Private Money Than You’ll Ever Need!
June 30, 2021

Jay Conner answers that age-old question: How do I raise Private Money? Learn why it’s not only possible, but why it can transform your business and your life. Subscribe