Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

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From Door-Knocking to 6-Figure Wholesaling Profits
April 15, 2022

Humbly began with door-knocking. Today, Nathan and Kory just had their biggest month earning 208K of wholesaling and JV deals. Also, closing their biggest flip yet—150K of profit after expenses. Video

Wholesaling $1.2MM in Only 9 Months | Wholesale Real Estate 2022
April 08, 2022

As quick as nine months, Eric Cline & Tony Montalbano earned a whopping $1.2MM in wholesaling. Watch and listen as they talk about their swift rise in wholesale real estate. Video replay of my intervi

Shane Ninan Made Over $1MM in 3 Years Starting from $0 – You Can Do It!
April 01, 2022

Hear the evolution of Shane Ninan — a small town wholesaler to a full spectrum real estate investor who went from $0 to being a millionaire in just three years! Video replay of my interview with Shane

Closers Olympics Finalist Max Jimenez Shares What He Learned from the Experience
November 11, 2021

The Closers Olympics annual event pits the top wholesaler closers from around the country in a fast and furious competition to see who can perform under pressure and close a real deal. Max Jimenez, co

From Running an MMA Gym to Owning 9+ businesses clearing $3MM+
November 04, 2021

With so many different opportunities in real estate, how do you choose? Michael Moulton didn’t – owning nine REI businesses covering the real estate spectrum, and best of all, they all feed business t

Eddie Speed Shares How He’s Bought 50,000+ Deals
October 28, 2021

If you wanted to learn about all the creative finance methods, you’d contact someone who has done over 50,000 transactions, right? Eddie Speed has been there with 40 years in the industry, done that,

How Chris is Currently Flipping 160 Houses in 12 Markets?
October 21, 2021

Want to know how investors and wholesalers can have a healthy relationship? Then Chris Johns is the man to explain how it all works. Don’t fight tooth and nail; you can have a match made in heaven whe

How I Made $10 Million in Wholesale while Playing Madden??
October 15, 2021

Luke Rotvold does it all and has fun doing it. Imagine playing Madden while cold calling and still making seven figures yearly! He made $10 million in wholesale! Luke has done it all, whether you’re i

149 Houses Flipped—Working Only 5 Hours a Week!
October 07, 2021

Jason Lewis wholesaled or flipped 149 houses for $3 MM in profits just this year by leveraging his lead managers, mail and lists to use data effectively and efficiently. He spends less than 5 hours a

Double Your Business and Wealth with Infinite Banking
October 02, 2021

This “Anti-Financial Advisor” is changing his industry by double-dipping his investment and business funds to earn himself twice. Learn how you can change your business and wealth with Infinite Bankin