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Real Estate Disruptors

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Drop Out to Millionaire
May 06, 2021

Brian Davila enters Disruptors Studios and reveals his story about going from a high school drop-out to millionaire in five short, busy years. He’s also going to tell you how you can do it, too. Video replay of Brian Davila’s interview: Sign up for our...

Can Steve’s Sales Training Help You Build a $1.5 MM Wholesale Business While You’re in College?
May 01, 2021

Gino Palomba flies in to Disruptors Studio and tells his story about how Steve’s Sales Training helped him build a $1.5 million wholesaling business while he is 22 y.o. and attending college. Video Replay of Interview with Gino Palomba: Sign up for our...

Create the Lifestyle You Want First and then the Business – and How to Raise $20 MM in Private Money, Too
April 21, 2021

Austin Rutherford comes to Disruptors Studios to explain why he advocates creating the lifestyle you want and THEN crafting the business you want, not vice versa. Oh, and he will tell us how he raised $20 million in private money to fund his real estat...

Build System Automation (Left Main REI), Process for Data clarity, Train COO’s and be a Cardiothoracic Surgical Nurse
April 17, 2021

Stephanie Betters discusses how using the right systems to process and manage your data can both free up your time and make your business more profitable. It may even give you enough time to be a cardiothoracic surgical nurse on the side….

TV and Radio Advertising & Why It Can Work for You
April 08, 2021

Darin Damme stops by Disruptors Studios to discuss his expertise in media, especially TV and radio advertising, and how knowledge of the real estate wholesaling business is vital to correct usage of your marketing dollars.

57% Net Profits with Only Wholesaling in 2020 – $1.4 MM in 1 Market – 6 Figures/mo Consistently
April 01, 2021

Sean Zavary comes to Disruptors Studios to explain how he revamped his business to boost his net profits to 57% doing only wholesaling, and how he generated $1.4 MM in just one market which gave him a consistent six figure monthly income.

Wholesale Market Changes on the Way – What’s Coming and How to Close 100+ Deals a Year w Small Team
March 25, 2021

Cory Boatright gives a heart-wrenching talk about his journey in real estate, tragedies, triumphs, and the market changes that are already making themselves known. Find out how you can close 100 plus deals a year with a small team.

$0 Marketing, Leads Come to You, The Best Lead Source You’ve Never Heard of, Fight a Bull in Mexico
March 18, 2021

Phillip Vincent visits Disruptors Studio from Puerto Rico to discuss the best lead source you've never heard of, how to spend $0 on marketing, and what it's like to fight a bull in Mexico

Learn Why The Top Real Estate Investors Spend $25K on Masterminds – and Why It is a Fast Track to Their Success
March 17, 2021

Jason Medley stops by Disruptors Studio to discuss his real estate experience, giving back, forming the Collective Genius Real Estate Investor Mastermind and how mastermind groups can help you grow your business and realize your personal dreams.

Work In Your Business 2 – 4 Hours a Week, Focus on Growth, not Grind, with Scaling & Virtual Training
March 05, 2021

Jerry Green talks about how he has persevered through personal tragedy, 9/11, recessions and built a real estate business where he only works 2-4 hours a week by focusing on growth, not grind. Video Replay of Interview with Jerry Green: Sign up for our...