Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

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$100k+ in One Week. Brian Iregbu Shares How He Did 90 Deals During Covid While Working 20 Hours per Week.
February 25, 2021

Brian Iregbu talks about how he and Byron Holmon partnered up, scaling from $20k/mo to six figure months. They even did 90 deals during the COVID pandemic, and even did $100k+ in one week. Video Replay of Interview with Brian Iregbu Sign up for our fre...

$3.4M in Revenue. $1.4M from PPC alone. Cody Hofhine and Brandon Bateman talk about how to add digital marketing to your business.
February 19, 2021

Cody Hofhine comes back for a second time with Brandon Bateman. They talk about how Cody did $3.4MM last year in fees, with almost half of it coming from just digital marketing. Brandon talks about how they built their digital empire.

Travel the World While Making $20k per mo Passively – JR Piper Shares How What He Does with his 7 figure business
February 11, 2021

Jared JR Piper talks about starting real estate by managing projects for friends. He eventually started buy flips to fund his rental portfolio. He now makes a million a year to buy rental properties so that he can travel the world with the passive inco...

$100,000+ per Month Working 5 Hours per Week. Terry Thayer Shares How He Went From Contractor to Building a Real Estate Empire.
February 04, 2021

Terry Thayer talks about starting off working for his dad, starting a construction company, and getting into flips and buy and holds. Lost everything in 2008, and started anew in 2012. Terry builds, flips, builds, and finally wholesales.

Making $1MM Tax Free – Alex Moses & Brian Higgins on How They’ve Done 350+ BRRRRs & Own 160+ Rentals
January 29, 2021

Alex Moses and Brian Higgins talk about how they originally started working together, were working on BRRRRs for out of state investors, and eventually buying BRRRRs for themselves. They also talk about where they get their deals from and have borrowed...

Tiffany and Josh High Share How They Leveraged Their KPIs to Earn $200,000+ per Month
January 14, 2021

Tiffany and Josh both wholesale and fix and flip. They unusually started with fix and flips, primarily due to Josh’s construction knowledge but also because they were figuring things out on the fly. As they grew,

Michael Fitzgerald Shares How He Went From Bandit Signs to 100s of Doors and Running a Fund
January 07, 2021

Action plus action equals massive actions and results are inevitable. You know, if you dream, it you can do it. The world you dream of tomorrow, it depends on what you do today. And if you take action, you're gonna have it.

Sandy Cesaire Shares How She Wholesaled 70 Mobile Homes Across the Country During Covid without a Buyers List
December 22, 2020

Sandy Cesaire talks about how she started off as a successful loan officer, built up wealth, and lost it all. She came back to wholesaling, and now wholesales across the country. This is an important episode to listen to because we all go through tough...

How BJ Gremillion & Brad Young Run Multiple 7-Figure Businesses and Stay Semi-Sane
December 04, 2020

BJ Gremillion and Brad Young talk about starting off selling religion and alarms door to door to building an empire that includes a flipping company, wholesaling company, real estate brokerage, property management, plumbing, and more.

Dave Payerchin Shares How He and His Partner RJ Pepino Bring in 6 Figures per Month Through 100+ Rental Properties
November 20, 2020

Absolutely, absolutely, it's a great time to wholesale, especially selling to the funds and whatnot. Because you know what, you look better in the eyes of the bank anyway, when you have a strong cash flow coming in every single month,