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Real Estate Disruptors

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Dan Brault Shares How He Went From Giving Up With 350,000+ in Personal Debt to Paying All His Debt Off in 12 Months
October 30, 2020

Signing up with your program was the best business decision I ever made. It completely changed my business...I mean, probably 95% of what I do, is what I learned in your program.

How Eric Brewer’s Investment Side Did 375 Transactions and Traditional Side Sold 75MM+ in Past Year
October 22, 2020

Eric Brewer talks about how he went from selling cars to flipping houses. Along the way, he learned how to lead other people to help his company wholesale, whole-tail, flip, and turn key 375 investor transactions while also doing 400+ retail transactio...

Amy Ransdell Shares How She’s Building Her Real Estate Empire in Atlanta, GA
October 15, 2020

We hear all the time, the importance of our network and finding those that we can model excellence, mentors and so forth. That's an essential piece of your growth. So if you want to move forward in any capacity,

$1,000,000+ in Revenue with Only $30k in Marketing? How Tyler Austin Hacks Data For High Margins.
October 01, 2020

Tyler Austin talks about his journey from military, to contractor, to eventually hacking data to maximize profit margins. Tyler is using data differently to reduce his competition. Video Replay of Interview with Tyler Austin Start Your Real Estate Disr...

$800k Profit on One Flip? Tucker Merrihew Shares How He’s Flipped 100s of High Profit Deals
September 25, 2020

But if you're good at deal sourcing, it's easier to find the A plus lots, right? That's the challenge, right is finding enough a plus lots that you can do these high end projects on. So that's going to be challenge number one, let's say.

From Scaling To Resetting: Willny Guifarro Shares his Lessons In Growing
September 10, 2020

Education, for sure. That should have been like my first thing. That should, that's that should have been like, the first thing I did when I touched good money, man .... if I would have spent [money on training and education] in 2017, 2018?

How 2 Wholesalers Joined Forces to Revolutionize Wholesaling Using Lessons from Rocket Fuel
September 03, 2020

Ivo Draginov and Jesse Burrell are two wholesalers that joined up along with Anny Draginova to create Batch Skip Tracing along with a few other services. They changed the way skip tracing was done, and they’ve created even more businesses since.

$200,000+ In One Month! Dominick Felix & Gonzalo Corzo On How To Do Huge Numbers In One Market!
August 27, 2020

Dominick Felix and Gonzalo Corzo come back for round 2 to talk about how they went from $100,000 per month to over $200,000 in one month in just one market! We talk about hiring acquisition guys, sales manager,

23 Years Old Doing 60+ Deals per Year in NY? Austin & Jake DeRaaff Share How to Break Through in NY
August 20, 2020

Austin & Jake Deraaff share how they dropped out of college to get into wholesaling. They talk about how they mentally got through everybody telling them it was a bad idea, distractions prevented their success in the beginning,

$100k in Wholesale Fees Last Week? Keith Everett & Lenny Harrell Share How They Wholesaled $100K.
August 14, 2020

Keith Everett & Lenny Harrell talk about their journey from working in a factory and on a railroad to crushing it in real estate. They started around 2017 and have had multiple six figure months, including a six figure week just a couple of weeks ago.